12 mantras of Sun God are very powerful, every wish is fulfilled as soon as they are chanted

These 12 mantras of Sun God are very powerful, every wish is fulfilled as soon as they are chanted

The importance of Sun God has also been told in astrology. Surya Dev is such a deity, who regularly gives darshan to his devotees. Their worship and worship on Sundays have special significance. Just one lot of water is enough to please the Sun God. Many problems can be got rid of by regularly offering Arghya to Sun God. Also, with this remedy, the doors of honor, increase in job and many successes are opened. Jyotishacharya is telling that for which work it is beneficial to chant out of the 12 mantras of Sun God.

  1. Om Hr Mitraya Namah: If you want to get good health and want to increase your ability to work, then you should regularly chant the first mantra of Sun God while offering him Argha.
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    If you are troubled by the disease of tuberculosis and want to improve the blood circulation of your body, then stand in front of the Sun God and chant this mantra. It also cures diseases related to phlegm etc.
  3. Om Surya Namah: This mantra of Sun God should be chanted for mental peace. This also increases intelligence.
  4. Om Hran Bhanve Namah: You can chant this mantra for problems related to bladder.
  5. Om Hron Khagay Namah: This mantra should be chanted for problems related to the rectum. By chanting it, the intellect develops and the strength of the body also increases.
  6. Om Hru: Pushane Namah: If you want to increase your strength and patience, then chant this mantra. Due to this the mind of man is engaged in religious deeds also.
  7. Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah: Students get the benefit of this mantra especially. Its chanting develops physical, intellectual and mental powers.
  8. Om Marichaye Namah: By chanting this mantra, a person attains a healthy body. It does not cause any diseases to humans.
  9. Om Adityaya Namah: By chanting this mantra, the intellect becomes sharp and financial problems are removed.
  10. Om Savitre Namah: Chanting of this mantra increases the honor and respect of a human being. Along with this, the special grace of the Sun God remains. Apart from this, the imagination power of man also increases.

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  1. Om Arkay Namah: If you want to know the secret of the Vedas, then chanting this mantra can be beneficial. Apart from this, the mind becomes strong by chanting this mantra. All the problems of life go away.
  2. Om Bhaskarai Namah: The internal and external body remains clean by chanting this mantra. At the same time, the mind also remains happy.

To get the blessings of Sun God, offer him Arghya regularly every day. If it is not possible every day, then offer Arghya every Sunday and chant any one of these mantras. This will bring blessings of happiness, prosperity and good health.