A Small Lesson about the thinking Process by Gautam Buddha

Mahatma Buddha went to a village with his disciples. Everyone was coming to see Buddha and listen to his discourses. A woman from the same village asked Buddha that you look like a prince, why have you taken sannyas in your youth?

Buddha replied to the woman that I have taken sannyas to know the mysteries related to life. Our body is young and attractive, but it will age, then get sick and eventually it will die. I want to know the cause of old age, disease and death.

The woman was very impressed after hearing this talk of Buddha. The woman invited him for a meal.

It was learned from the men of the village that Buddha was going to have dinner at the woman’s house.

All the men immediately reached the Buddha. He told Buddha not to go to that woman’s place, because the character of that woman is not good.

Buddha asked the village sarpanch whether this was true. The Sarpanch also agreed with the men of the village.

Then Buddha held one hand of the sarpanch and said that now show it by clapping. On this the sarpanch said that Tathagata is impossible, clapping cannot be done with one hand.

Gautam Buddha told all the people that in the same way no woman alone can be characterless. If the character of the men of this village was good, then that woman would not have been characterless. All the men of the village were ashamed to hear this from the Buddha and bowed their heads.