Akshaya Navami, which gives inexhaustible fruits.

Akshaya Navami, which gives inexhaustible fruits.

🙏🏻 Kartik Shukla Navami (12 November 2021) is called ‘Akshay Navami’ and ‘Aonla Navami’ on Friday. On Akshaya Navami, there is an inexhaustible result of chanting, charity, tarpan, bathing etc. Worship of Amla tree has special significance on this day. In worship, aarti should be done to the gooseberry tree with camphor or ghee lamp and there is also a law to circumambulate this tree while reciting the following mantra:
Om i.e. Kani Cha Papani Janmantarkritani Ch.

यानि कानि च पापानि जन्मान्तरकृतानि च |
तानि सर्वाणि नश्यन्तु प्रदक्षिणपदे पदे ||

After this, after feeding the holy Brahmins and true seeker-devotees under the Amla tree, then one should do it himself. If there is no gooseberry tree in the house, then you can worship under the tree by planting a gooseberry plant in a pot or in any holy, religious place, ashram etc. Amla trees are planted in many ashrams. Even by visiting these holy places, you can take auspicious benefits of worshiping hymns.
Amla (Akshay) Navami is fruitful.
In the Indian Sanatan system, the worship of Amla Navami by women is considered important for the attainment of the son Ratna. It is said that this worship is fruitful by removing all the sins of a person. Due to which, on the Navami of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, women pray for the fulfillment of all their wishes by worshiping the Amla tree with the law.

Amla Navami is also known as Akshaya Navami. Dwapar Yuga started on this day. It is said that Amla is the favorite fruit of Lord Vishnu. All the Gods and Goddesses reside in the Amla tree. That is why worshiping it has special significance.

Law of Worship of Vrat
On the day of Navami, after taking bath in the morning, women sit under the Amla tree facing east.
After this, the roots of the tree are irrigated with milk and a thread of raw cotton is wrapped around its stem.
After that the tree is worshiped with roli, rice, incense lamp. Women eat food only after doing 108 rounds of Amla tree.

Story of Amla Navami
At the same time, according to the prevailing story about the importance of Amla worship for getting a son gem, in one era the wife of a Vaishya was not getting a son ratna. According to his neighbour, he sacrificed a child to Bhairav ​​Dev. He got the opposite result. The woman became a patient of leprosy.

She started repenting of this and went to the refuge of Ganga to get rid of the disease. Then Ganga advised him to worship the Amla tree on the Navami date of Kartik Shukla Paksha and consume Amla.

On which the woman had worshiped Amla on this date as told by Ganga and accepted Amla, and she became disease free. After a few days due to the effect of this fast and worship, he got divine body and son Ratna, since then the practice of observing this fast has increased among Hindus. Since then this tradition has been going on till date.