Annakoot Day / Govardhan Puja / How to Celebrate New Year

Annakoot Day / Govardhan Puja
🙏🏻 Kartik Shukla Pratipada is called Annakoot Divas. According to the scriptures like Dharmasindhu etc., on the day of Govardhan Puja, there is a law to decorate the cows, worship them and offer them food items etc. On this day, after decorating the cows and worshiping them, this mantra should be done, the mantra of cow worship

लक्ष्मीर्या लोकपालानां धेनुरूपेण संस्थिता ।
घृतं वहति यज्ञार्थ मम पापं त्यपोहतु ॥
Om (located in the form of Dhenu, who is the real Lakshmi of the Lokpals and the one who gives ghee for the sacrifice, may the cow mother destroy my sins. At night, food should be donated to the poor as much as possible.

How to welcome the new year – Virtuous Darshan and Sacrificial Pratipada
Bali Pratipada (first day of the year)
In the earlier days, during the days of Deepawali in the villages, on the first day of the year, pylons (bandanavar) were tied to the leaves of neem and Ashoka trees, so that if people pass from there, they would be happy and healthy throughout the year. Ashok and neem leaves have immunity power. By passing under that pylon, the immunity power remains throughout the year. It is good if you tie pylons in your homes on the first day of the year.

Virtuous Darshan on the New Year

The day of Deepawali is the last day of the year and the next day is the first day of the year, the day of the beginning of Vikram Samvat (according to the Gujarati calendar). One who is happy on that day, goes with his happiness throughout the year.

Lord Vyas ji says in ‘Mahabharata’-

यो यादृशेन भावेन तिष्ठत्यस्यां युधिष्ठिर।
हर्षदैन्यादिरूपेण तस्य वर्षं प्रयाति वै।।
‘O Yudhishthira! Today, on the first day of the new year, the person who lives in joy, his whole year goes in joy and the one who lives in mourning, his whole year is spent in mourning.’

It is also considered auspicious to see auspicious things on the day of the new year, it is considered to be virtuous. eg:
Best Brahmin, Tirtha, Vaishnava, God Statue, Suryadev, Sati woman, Sanyasi, Yeti, Brahmachari, Cow, Agni, Guru, Gajraj, Lion, White horse, Shuk, Kokil, Khanjarit (Knock), Hans, Peacock, Neelkanth , conch bird, cow with calf, peepal tree, husband and daughter, woman, pilgrim, lamp, gold, gem, pearl, diamond, ruby, basil, white flower, fruit, white grain, ghee, curd, honey, pitcher filled, Lava, mirror, water, garland of white flowers, Gorochan, camphor, silver, pond, flower-filled garden, moon of Shukla Paksha, sandalwood, musk, kum-kum, flag, Akshayavat (Vatvriksha in Prayag and Gaya) Dev tree ( Google), Devalaya, God’s Reservoir, Dependent devotee of the deity, Devavat, Fragrant Vayu conch, Dundubhi, shellfish, coral, crystal gem, root of Kush, Gangaji soil, Kush, Copper, Book of Puranas, instrument of Lord Vishnu with pure and seed mantra , Smooth cow, Gem, Ascetic, Siddha Mantra, Sea, Krishnasar (black) antelope, Yagya, Great festival, Cow urine, Cow dung, Gudgdha, Twilight, Gaushala, Buckwheat, Field full of ripe crops, Sunder (virtuous) Padmini, Beautiful A hundred adorned with garb, clothes and divine ornaments Bhagyavati woman, Kshemkari, Gandha, Durva, Rice and Akshat (unbroken rice), Siddhanna (cooked food) and the best food – all of these have virtuous benefits. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Shri Krishna Janma Khand, Chapter: 76 and 78)

How to welcome the New Year
On waking up in the morning of the new year, sitting on the bed, contemplating that ‘God is my soul in the form of bliss. Lord is my sweetheart, friend, supreme benefactor, Anand … melody …. The year has started and soon after one year of Ayush will pass, then Deepawali will come. Life is getting shorter. Before my life is reduced, my ignorance should be reduced. O Lord of knowledge! May my sorrows perish, my worries be crushed. O Lord of consciousness! Attachment to the world increases sorrow, anxiety and ignorance, and your love enhances happiness, peace and sweetness. Lord ! How are you, you know, we are the way you are, God! …

🙏🏻 Then sitting still on the bed and looking at both your palms –

कराग्रे वसते लक्ष्मीः करमध्ये सरस्वती ।
करमूले तु गोविंदः प्रभाते करदर्शनम् ।।

🙏 Turn your hand over your face. Then if the right nostril moves, then the right foot and the left, then the left foot should be placed on the ground first.

Thinking on this day that “How much time was wasted in the thoughts and deeds by which we come down from the greatness of humanity? Will not do it now or will give less time and which benefit human life – Satsang is, Bhagavannam Sumiran” There is equanimity in happiness and sorrow, there is a sense of witness.