Bhishma Panchak Fasting

Bhishma Panchak Fasting
Agnipuran Chapter – 205

Agnidev says – Now I speak about ‘Bhishma Panchak‘, the Vratraj who gives everything. Take this fast on Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik. After bathing at all three times for five days, offer obeisances to the deities and ancestors with the help of five sesame seeds and yavas. Then stay silent and worship Lord Shrihari. Devadhidev Shri Vishnu should be bathed with Panchagavya and Panchamrit and after smearing the aromatic substances like sandalwood etc. Donate a lamp to Lord Vishnu in the morning and at night and dedicate the naived of the best food.

The fasting person should chant this Dwadashakshara mantra one hundred and eight times (108) ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’. After that, Ghritasikt Sesame and barley combined with ‘Swaha’ at the end *’Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’ – perform Havan with this Dwadashakshar mantra.

Worship the Lord’s feet with lotus flowers on the first day, knees and sakthibhaga (both auras) on the second day with bilva leaves, on the third day with Nuclea Bhringaraja, on the fourth day with Baanpushpa, Bilbpatra and Japapushpa and on the fifth day with Malti flowers. The person observing the fast should sleep on the ground.

Gomay on Ekadashi, cow urine on Dwadashi, milk on Trayodashi, milk on Chaturdashi and Panchagavya diet on the last day. Pournami should be performed ‘Naktavrata’. In this way the one who observes the fast gets both enjoyment and salvation.

🙏🏻 Bhishma Pitamah had attained Lord Srihari by performing this fast, due to which it is famous as ‘Bhishmapanchak’.

🙏🏻 Brahmaji had also worshiped Shrihari by performing this fast. That’s why this fast consists of five fasts etc. ||4-9||
In this way the two hundred and fifth chapter named ‘Bhishmapanchak-Vratation of Vrat’ in the Adi Agneya Mahapuran was completed ||205||

Special ~ 14 November 2021 Bhishma Panchak fast is from Sunday to 18 November, Thursday.