Today’s Hindu Panchang 09/04/2022,Chaitra Navratri, Pushya Nakshatra Yoga

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 09 April 2022
Day – Saturday
*Vikram Samvat – 2079
Shaka Samvat-1944
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – spring
Month – Chaitra
Paksha – Shukla
Date – Ashtami 10th April till 01:23 and then Navami
Nakshatra – Punarvasu 10th April till 04:31 am after that Pushya
Yoga – Atigund till 11:25 in the morning, then Sukarma
Rahukaal – 09:33 am to 11:07 am
Sunrise – 06:26
Sunset – 18:54
Dishashul – in the east direction
Vrat festival details – Durgashtami, Ashokashtami, Bhavani Prakatya
*Special – Ashtami

️ On 10th April, Sunday is the festival of Shri Ram Navami. Lord Shri Ramji was born on this day in Treta Yuga. That is why the believers of Hinduism in other countries including India celebrate this festival with great pomp. According to astrology, every wish can be fulfilled by taking some special measures on this day.
🙏🏻 On the morning of Shri Ram Navami, go to a Ram temple and recite Ram Raksha Stotra 11 times. Every problem will be solved.
Anoint the idol of Shri Ramji by pouring milk and saffron in the Dakshinavarti conch. This can be beneficial.
Feed gram, banana and other fruits to monkeys on this day. By this your every wish can be fulfilled.
Light a lamp of pure cow’s ghee in front of Tulsi on the evening of Shri Ram Navami. Due to this there will be happiness and peace in the house.
Offer various grains to Lord Shri Ram on this day and later distribute it among the poor. By this there will never be a shortage of food in the house.
On this day, worship Mother Sita along with Lord Shri Ramji. Due to this, married life remains happy.
🙏🏻 Get the flag installed on the top of the temple of Lord Shri Ram. This will give you respect and fame.

Chaitra Navratri
Offer coconut to Mother Durga on the eighth day of Navratri. This brings happiness and prosperity in the house.

Chaitra Navratri
Peace of mind is attained by worshiping Maa Mahagauri.
Maa Mahagauri is worshiped on the eighth day of Navratri. The eighth form of Adishakti Shri Durga is Shri Mahagauri. The complexion of Maa Mahagauri is very fair, hence she is known as Mahagauri. The eighth day of Navratri is the day to awaken the Soma Chakra of our body. Somachakra is located in the frontal lobes. Somachakra gets awakened by the worship of Shri Mahagauri and the devotee gets all the powers related to this chakra. When Maa Mahagauri is pleased, the devotees automatically get all the happiness. Also, by their devotion, we also get peace of mind.

Pushya Nakshatra Yoga
Ravipushyamrit yoga is from sunrise on 10th April 2022 to sunrise on 11th April.
🙏🏻 One who chants Gurumantra with a garland of 108 pearls, with reverence, the deities of the 27 constellations are pleased with him and the main of the constellations is Pushya Nakshatra, and the lord of Pushya Nakshatra is Devguru Brihaspati. Pushya Nakshatra is the giver of prosperity, enhancer of wealth. Jupiter should be worshiped on that day. If we have not seen Jupiter, then after seeing the Sadguru, worship him and say this mantra in his mind –
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How to turn Bad Luck into Good Luck
Make a swastika on a banyan leaf with turmeric in Gurupushya or Ravipushya yoga and keep it at home.