Conversation Between Yamraj and Rishiputra Nachiketa

Today we will tell you the conversation of Yamraj and Rishiputra Nachiketa !!!!!!!!

We find mention of the dialogue between Nachiketa and Yamraj in the Kathopanishad. When Nachiketa’s father started donating old and sick cows to Brahmins after Vishwajit Yagya, Nachiketa asked his father that to whom will you give me in charity? Then Nachiketa’s father got angry and said that I will give you in charity to Yamraj. Since these words were uttered at the time of Yagya, Nachiketa had to go to Yama. Yamraj was out of his palace, so Nachiketa waited outside Yamaraja’s palace for three days and three nights.

When Yamraj came after three days, he was pleased with this patient waiting and asked Nachiketa to ask for three boons. Nachiketa said in the first boon that when he returned home, his father would accept him and his father’s anger would calm down. In the second boon, Nachiketa wanted to know whether the gods and goddesses remain immortal and immortal in heaven and move fearlessly! Then Yamraj gave fire knowledge to Nachiketa, also known as Nachiketagni.

In the third boon, Nachiketa asked that ‘O Yamraj, I have heard that the soul is immortal. The cycle of death and life continues. But the soul is never born and never dies.’ Nachiketa asked what is the secret of this death and birth? Is there any way to come out of this cycle? Then Yamraj said that do not ask this question, I will give you immense wealth, wealth, kingdom etc. in exchange for this question. But Nachiketa remained adamant and then Yamraj gave enlightenment to Nachiketa. The enlightenment attained by Nachiketa is relevant and world famous even today. Truth is always relevant.

Brief description of Yamraj-Nachiketa dialogue…

Nachiketa Question: – How does the body have knowledge and vision of Brahman?

Yamraj Answer :- The human body is like a city with 11 doors in the form of two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, one mouth, Brahmarandhra, navel, anus and penis, which is the city of Brahma. They live in the heart of man. Understanding this secret, the person who meditates and contemplates, he does not feel any kind of sorrow. Those who meditate and contemplate like this become free from the bondage of birth and death after death.

Nachiketa Question: – Does the soul die or is it killed?

Yamraj Answer: – Those who believe that the soul is the killer or the dying, they do not really know the soul and are misled. His words should be ignored, because the soul neither dies nor can kill anyone.

Nachiketa Question: – How is it considered the abode of God in the heart?

Yamraj Answer: – The heart of man is considered to be the place of attaining Brahman. Yamdev told that only man is considered to be entitled to attain God. His heart is the size of a thumb. Therefore, according to this, Brahma is called the size of the thumb and a person who believes that the Lord resides in his heart believes that Brahma is seated in the heart of others in the same way. Therefore one should stay away from the evil or hatred of others.

Nachiketa Question: – What is the nature of soul

Yamraj Answer: – According to Yamdev, with the destruction of the body, the soul does not perish. It has nothing to do with the luxuries of the soul, perishable, impermanent and inert body. It is eternal, eternal and flawless. It has no cause, no action, that is, it is neither born nor dies.

Nachiketa Question: – If a person does not know the knowledge of the soul and the Supreme Soul, then how does he have to suffer the fruits?

Yamraj Answer:- Just as rain water is one, but when it rains on high mountains, it does not stop at one place and flows downwards, changing in many types of color and smell. In the same way, gods, demons and human beings born from the same God also consider God separately and worship him as separate. Like rain water, the sur-asuras keep wandering in many species.

Nachiketa Question: – What is the nature of Brahma and where and how does he manifest?

Yamraj Answer:- Brahman is completely different from the natural qualities, He is a self manifesting deity. His name is Vasu. They come to our homes as guests. The sacred fire in the yagya and those who offer sacrifices in it are also Vasu deities. Similarly all human beings, the superior gods, are situated in the ancestors, the sky and the truth. Whether there is a fish or a conch in the water, trees and plants, sprouts, grains, medicine on the earth, or even in the form of rivers, springs and sacrifices in the mountains, Brahma manifests itself. Thus Brahman is the direct deity.

Nachiketa Question: What remains in the body after the soul leaves?

Yamraj Answer: – When the soul leaves the body, then life and senses also leave with it. What remains in the dead body is not seen, but that Supreme Brahman remains in that body, which is present in every conscious and inert being.

Nachiketa Question: Why and what are the yonis received by the soul after death?

Yamraj Answer: – According to Yamdev, sins and virtues are done on the basis of good and bad deeds and things seen and heard through scriptures, guru, association, education and business. On the basis of these, the soul gets a new birth in the form of human or animal. Those who commit a lot of sins, they are born in other species apart from human beings and animals. Other species like trees, plants, mountains, straws etc.

Nachiketa Question: – What is Self-knowledge and the nature of God?

Yamraj Answer: – Beginning to know the secrets related to death, the child Nachiketa related religion and unrighteousness to Yamdev.