Death is real why afraid of the same. A Small interesting story shared here

Why Afraid of Death?

While narrating the Shrimad Bhagwat Purana to King Parikshit, when six days had elapsed for Shukdev Ji Maharaj and one day was left to die due to the bite of Takshak (serpent), even then King Parikshit’s grief and fear of death did not go away. Seeing the time of his death approaching, the king’s heart was getting agitated.

Then Shukdev Ji Maharaj started telling a story to Parikshit.

Rajan! A long time ago, a king went hunting in the forest, accidentally forgetting his way and reaching a dense forest. While searching for his way, it was night and it started raining. The king was very frightened and somehow started looking for a place of rest to spend the night in that dreadful forest.

At some distance he saw a lamp burning. Reaching there, he saw a fowler’s hut. The fowler could not move much, so he had made a place to excrete urine and urine in the hut on one side, he had hanged the meat of animals on the roof of the hut for his food.

The hut was very dirty, small, dark and foul-smelling. Seeing that hut, at first the king hesitated, but seeing no other shelter to hide his head, he prayed to that fowler to allow him to stay overnight in his hut.
Fowler said that passers-by who are greedy for shelter sometimes come here and wander. I do make them stay, but they make a lot of hassle while going the next day.

They like the smell of this hut so much that then they do not want to leave it and try to stay in it and take possession of it. I have been in such a mess many times, so now I do not allow anyone to stay here. I won’t let you stay in it either.

The king promised that he would vacate the hut as soon as morning. Here he has come wandering by chance, he has to spend only one night.

Then the fowler allowed the king to stay there, but in the early morning, without any hesitation, repeated the condition of vacating the hut. The king slept in a corner all night.

The foul smell of the sleeping hut settled in his mind that when he woke up in the morning, he seemed the most dear. Forgetting the real purpose of life, the king started thinking of living there. And started praying to the fisherman to stay there.

On this the fowler got angry and started saying good and bad to the king.

The king now found it difficult to leave that place and a big dispute arose between the two about that place.

After narrating the story, Shukdev Ji Maharaj asked “Parikshit”, tell “Parikshit”, was it appropriate for that king to bother to stay at that place forever?

Parikshit replied, Lord! Who was that king, tell him his name? It seems to me a fool who wants to stay in such a filthy hut, breaking his promise and forgetting his real purpose, to stay there for more than the prescribed period. I am amazed at his stupidity.

Shri Shukdev Ji Maharaj said, O King Parikshit! That very big fool is yourself.

The amount of time your soul was required to stay in this “deh” (body) of excreta and urine, that period is ending tomorrow. Now you have to go to the place from where you have come. Still you don’t want to die. Isn’t that your stupidity?”

The knowledge of King Parikshit woke up and he happily agreed to release the bondage.

“Actually, this is true.”

When a living being takes birth from his mother’s womb, he prays to God inside his mother’s womb that, O Lord! Free me from here (this womb), I will praise you. And when he comes to this world after taking birth, then (astonished like that king) he starts thinking that where have I come (and starts crying as soon as he is born)

Then slowly, like that smelly hut, he likes the smell of this place in such a way that he does not want to leave from here forgetting his real purpose.

This is my story as well, and so is yours.