Deepdan in Kartik Month – Kartik Maas Special – Part 2

Where to donate lamp?
In the Devalaya (temple), in the cowshed, under the tree, in front of the Tulsi, on the bank of the river, on the road, at the crossroads, in the Brahmin’s house, in his own house.

According to the 200th chapter of Agnipuran
*देवद्विजातिकगृहे दीपदोऽब्दं स सर्वभाक्

The person who donates a lamp in the Dev Mandir or the Brahmin’s house, he attains everything. According to Padma Purana, Lakshmi ji is pleased by donating lamps in temples and on the banks of the river. By donating a lamp on an inaccessible place or land, a person is saved from going to hell.

One who lights a lamp in the temple, on the banks of the river, on the road, he gets all-rounded Lakshmi. Light two lamps every day in Kartik. One in front of Shri Hari Narayan and the other in front of Shivling.

According to Padma Purana
तेनेष्टं क्रतुभिः सर्वैः कृतं तीर्थावगाहनम्। दीपदानं कृतं येन कार्तिके केशवाग्रतः।।
One who has donated a lamp to Lord Keshava in Kartika, has performed all the sacrifices and dives in all the pilgrimages.

It is said in the Brahmavaivarta Purana that one who gives a lamp of ghee to Sri Hari in Kartika, enjoys joy in Haridham for as many years as the lamp is lit. Then coming into his vagina, he attains devotion to Vishnu; The great man is full of the light of the eye and is radiant.

🙏🏻 According to Skandpuran Maheshwarkhand-Kedarkhand

ये दीपमालां कुर्वंति कार्तिक्यां श्रद्धयान्विताः॥
यावत्कालं प्रज्वलंति दीपास्ते लिंगमग्रतः॥
तावद्युगसहस्राणि दाता स्वर्गे महीयते॥

The one who dedicates a lamp garland to Lord Shiva with reverence on the night of Kartik month, the amount of time the lamp which is offered to him burns in front of the Shivling, for the same thousand yugas the donor is revered in heaven.

According to Linga Purana

कार्तिके मासि यो दद्याद्धृतदीपं शिवाग्रतः।।
संपूज्यमानं वा पश्येद्विधिना परमेश्वरम्।।

One who dedicates a lamp of ghee to Lord Shiva in the month of Kartik, or who worships the Supreme Lord with devotion, goes to Brahmaloka.

यो दद्याद्धृतदीपं च सकृल्लिंगस्य चाग्रतः।।
स तां गतिमवाप्नोति स्वाश्रमैर्दुर्लभां रिथराम्।।

One who offers a lamp of ghee even once before Shiva, he attains a rare steady speed for the Varnashrami people.

आयसं ताम्रजं वापि रौप्यं सौवर्णिकं तथा।।
शिवाय दीपं यो दद्याद्विधिना वापि भक्तितः।।
सूर्यायुतसमैः श्लक्ष्णैर्यानैः शिवपुरं व्रजेत्।।

One who, according to the law, devotedly dedicated a lamp made of iron, copper, silver or gold to Shiva, goes to Shivaloka by planes resplendent like ten thousand suns.

According to the 200th chapter of Agnipuran

  • The person who donates a lamp for a year in the Dev Mandir or the Brahmin’s house, he attains everything.
  • The one who donates a lamp in Kartik reaches heaven.
  • There is no more fast than a lamp, neither was nor will it ever be.
  • Life and eyesight are attained by donating a lamp.
  • By donating a lamp, wealth and daughters are attained.
  • The one who donates a lamp, being fortunate, is worshiped by the gods in heaven.
  • The one who donates a lamp on Ekadashi rejoices by getting on a plane in heaven.
  • How to make lamp?
    Take earthen, copper, silver, brass or gold lamps. Clean them thoroughly. Soak the earthen lamp in water for a few hours and dry it. After that, in Pradosh Kaal or after sunset, when appropriate time is available, go to the temple with lamp, oil, cow ghee, wick, rice or wheat. You can use cotton wick in ghee and red thread or kalava wick in oil lamp. Before placing the lamp, give him the seat of rice or wheat or saptadhanya. Do not keep the lamp directly on the earth even after forgetting it, as the Kalika Purana says.

    *दातव्यो न तु भूमौ कदाचन। सर्वसहा वसुमती सहते न त्विदं द्वयम्।।
    अकार्यपादघातं च दीपतापं तथैव च। तस्माद् यथा तु पृथ्वी तापं नाप्नोति वै तथा।।

    That is, the earth which bears everything does not tolerate any unprovoked impact and the heat of the lamp.
    After that keep one oil lamp in front of Shivling and another cow’s ghee lamp in front of Shri Hari Narayan. After that light both the lamps while reciting the Deepak Mantra. Praise the lamp. Recite Daridradahan Shivstotra and Gajendramoksha.