Deepdan in Kartik Month – Kartik Maas Special – Part 3

Must do lamp donation for five days

🙏🏻 If you are unable to donate lamps every day in Kartik due to any particular reason, then definitely do five special days.

In the Padma Purana, Uttarakhand, Mahadev himself tells the special significance of lamp donation in the five days of Deepawali, Krishna Paksha, to Kartikeya:

कृष्णपक्षे विशेषेण पुत्र पंचदिनानि च
पुण्यानि तेषु यो दत्ते दीपं सोऽक्षयमाप्नुयात्

son! Especially the 5 days in Krishna Paksha (from Rama Ekadashi to Deepawali) are very holy. Whatever is donated in them is renewable and fulfills all desires.

तस्माद्दीपाः प्रदातव्या रात्रावस्तमते रवौ
गृहेषु सर्वगोष्ठेषु सर्वेष्वायतनेषु च
देवालयेषु देवानां श्मशानेषु सरस्सु च
घृतादिना शुभार्थाय यावत्पंचदिनानि च
पापिनः पितरो ये च लुप्तपिंडोदकक्रियाः
तेपि यांति परां मुक्तिं दीपदानस्य पुण्यतः

After sunset in the night, lamps should be kept lit in the house, in the cowshed, under the deity tree and in the temples. In the temples of the deities, in the crematoriums and also on the banks of rivers, lamps should be lit for five days with ghee etc. for their welfare. By doing this, those sinners, who have not done Shradh and Tarpan, also attain ultimate salvation by the virtue of donating a lamp.