Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdashi, Kali Chaudas

Dhanteras is on Tuesday, 02 November 2021.
🙏🏻 Kartik Krishna (Ashwin according to Gujarat and Maharashtra) Trayodashi day is called Dhanteras. Lord Dhanvantari had manifested Ayurveda on this day for the prevention of diseases of the afflicted. On this day in the evening, carrying a burning lamp in his hand outside the house, for the happiness of Lord Yamraj, he should donate the lamp with this mantra-
मृत्युना पाशदण्डाभ्याम् कालेन श्यामया सह ।
त्रयोदश्यां दीपदानात् सूर्यजः प्रीयतां मम ॥
(The loop of this lamp of Trayodashi and the punisher of death and the presiding deity of time, Lord Yama, along with Goddess Shyamala, be pleased with me.)

Narak Chaturdashi
Narak Chaturdashi is on Wednesday, 03 November 2021.
Donating a four-faced lamp on Narak Chaturdashi gives freedom from fear of hell. This mantra should be chanted by lighting a four-faced (four flame) lamp –
” दत्तो दीपश्वचतुर्देश्यां नरकप्रीतये मया ।
चतुर्वर्तिसमायुक्तः सर्वपापापनुत्तये ॥“
(On the day of Naraka Chaturdashi, for the pleasure of the proud god of hell and for the destruction of all sins, I offer a four-lighted four-lighted lamp.)
Although oil should not be applied in the month of Kartik, there is a law to wake up before sunrise on Narak Chaturdashi and take oil-massage (Tailabhyang) and take a bath. According to ‘Sannatkumar Samhita’ and Dharmasindhu Granth, it protects from hellish tortures. One who takes a bath after sunrise on this day, his good deeds get destroyed.

Kali Chaudas: Protection from hellish tortures.
Narak Chaturdashi (Kali Chaudas) is on Wednesday, 03 November 2021.
On the day of Naraka Chaturdashi (Kali Chaudas), there is a law to get up before sunrise and take oil-massage (Tailabhyang) and take bath. According to ‘Sanatkumar Samhita’ and ‘Dharmasindhu’, it protects from hellish tortures.
The night of Kali Chaudas and Deepawali is considered to be a very good time for chanting and tapasya. Chanting the mantra on the night of Narak Chaturdashi proves the mantra.

On this night, kajal should be made with mustard oil or ghee. By applying this kajal in the eyes, no one gets bad eyesight and the brightness of the eyes increases.