Durgashtami – Pooja Vidhi – Celebration

In ancient times, the dreaded Bhagwati Bhadrakali, who destroyed the Yajna of Daksha, appeared on the Ashtami Tithi along with the Karongo Yoginis.

Naradpuran Purvardha Chapter 117
Ashwine Shuklapakshe Tu Prokta Vipra Mahastami. 117-76.
तत्र दुर्गाचनं प्रोक्तं सव्रैरप्युपचारकैः ।।

Fasting Chak Bhaktam Mahasthamya Vidhay Tu. 117-77.
सर्ववो विभवं प्राप्य मोदते देववच्चिरम् ।।

The Ashtami that falls in the Shuklapaksh of the month of Ashwin is called Mahashtami (Mahashtami is on Wednesday, October 13). He who fasts or monotheizes the Mahasthami, gets glory from all sides and remains blissful like a deity forever.

Bhavishyapurana, Uttarparva, Chapter – 26
Devas, demons, demons, gandharvas, snakes, yakshas, ​​shemales, males, etc. all worship Ashtami and Navami. Worshiping Jaganmata Bhagwati Sriambika on Ashtami and Navami of Shukla Paksha of Ashvin month brings victory over all enemies. This date is for giving virtue, purity, religion and happiness On this day Mundamalini Chamunda must be worshiped

Devi Bhagavatpuran Pancham Skandha
Eighth, fourteenth, ninth, especially. Devotional worship of Goddess Brahmanancha Bhojanam.

Poor Dhanmapnoti patient Rogatpramuchyate.
अपुत्रो लभते पुत्राञ्छुभांश्च वशवर्तिनः॥

Achieving a corrupt state is universal.
शत्रुभिःडितो हन्ति रिपुं मायाप्रसादतः॥

Student worship is like this.
Anavadyan Shubha Vidyan Vindate Natra Sanshay:

Ashtami, Navami and Chaturdashi should be specially worshiped and on this occasion Brahmin food should also be served. By doing so the poor get wealth, the sick get disease free, the sonless man gets beautiful and obedient sons and the deposed king gets the sovereign state. By the grace of Goddess Mahamaya, man suffering from enemies destroys his enemies. There is no doubt that the student who performs this pujan by subduing the senses, will soon attain the virtuous Uttam Vidya.

The worship of Mahagauri on Navratri Ashtami is well known
Chapter 268 of Agnipuran describes the worship of Bhadrakali to Ashwin Shukla Ashtami.
In Skandapuran Maheshwarkhand Kumarikakhand, Ashwin Shukla Ashtami is described as the law of worship of Vatseshwari Devi.

Garuda Purana gives meaning to Durga on Ashtami Tithi and Matrika and Dishais on Navami Tithi.