Goddesses and our Relation to Life.

Two clans of goddesses – Sri Kul and Kali Kul

These two sides are the two poles of creation and destruction of the universe.

It is just as one side of the universe remains in the form of life. And the other side, despite being in a dead state, remains in the form of manure and energy. and sustains life.

Both these aspects develop in their own place in one physical form and the other in energy form.
And after that these two sides change.

Life comes in the form of manure and energy comes in the form of life. It goes on continuously.

We worship these two natural forces as two sides of the Goddess. Worship means associating oneself with one’s presence with one force.

This form of nature has been called Shri Kul and Kali Kul.

Lucky to enjoy their beautiful nature
And the person who enjoys its deformed form is called an unfortunate person.

In both of these mediums – the astrologer who has knowledge of this energy in the form of information and the one who controls this energy up to a limited condition and changes its direction is called a seeker or tantra Acharya.

Now in which period the energy of these goddesses remains effective and how can we get benefit from it…?

The answer is that the goddesses of the Kali family and their energies are dominant in the hot season.

By doing their sadhna in the hot season, one gets energy on its own.

The second side – the humid period, then the goddesses of the Sri clan and their energies are in pervasive form all around.

Then one should worship them or associate oneself with this energy. Development will happen by itself.

As soon as you connect with the energy of Shri Kul, your external development leads to development related to Aishwarya, progeny, happiness, prosperity, and creation.

And as soon as it connects with the energy of the Kali family, the cruelty of the planets, nativity in life, bad luck, negative thoughts, inner nectarity, fear of defeat, fear of any kind of loss of life, fear of death starts decreasing.

New energy in the body, new thoughts in the mind and new consciousness starts developing in the soul.

The benevolent energy pushes us with full force towards our goals.

Just take a peek at the side of your life to see which one you need the most.

Connect with that energy. Otherwise come into a good rapport with a good seeker. That too can change your life.