Gopashtami Festival, Good Luck with Cow Worship

Good luck with cow worship
Gopashtami festival is on Thursday, 11 November 2021.

Kartik Shukla Ashtami is called ‘Gopashtami’. This is a special festival of cow worship. On this day, cows are bathed in the morning and worshiped with scent and flowers. On this day, by giving cow grass, circumambulate them and if you go with them for some distance, then all kinds of desired accomplishments are achieved.

In the evening, when the cows come back after grazing, at that time also after their hospitality, greetings and Panchopchar-worship, feed them green grass, food etc. and apply their feet on the forehead. This increases the luck.

Gopashtami special
Mother cow is the greatest physician of the earth

In Indian culture, service of cow mother is considered to be the best service, Shri Krishna considers cow service to be dear to all..

There is a special nadi named Suryaketu in the spine of a pure Indian breed cow, when the rays of the sun fall on this nadi, it creates subtle causes of gold, that is why there is yellowness in cow’s milk, butter and ghee. Yellowness is called nectar and neutralizes the poison present in the human body.

Many incurable diseases of the person who cares for the cow are eradicated because a special energy continuously emanates from the hair follicles of the cow.

By sweeping the cow’s tail, children are protected from upper air and sight.
The benefits of cow urine and cow urine are infinite, by its consumption, the germs of cancer and honey are destroyed.

Where the house, which is smeared with cow dung, is sattvik, the environment is purified by burning cow-sandalwood made from it, that is why the cow is considered to be the greatest physician on the earth, the saints say that serving the cow does not kill the cow. Rather, it is good for those who serve.