Hanumanji’s Amazing Valor

Hanumanji’s amazing valor

When Ravana saw that our defeat was certain, he ordered 1000 immortal demons to be sent to the battlefield. These were those whom even time could not eat.

On getting the news from the spies of Vibhishana, Shri Ram was worried that how long will we fight with them? How will Sita’s salvation and Vibhishana’s rule be Tilak? Because the end of war is impossible.

Kapiraj Sugriva along with Vanarvahini got distracted by this situation of Shri Ram that what will happen now? We can fight for eternity, but there is no choice of Vijayshree! Both the above tasks are impossible.

Anjananandan Hanuman ji came and saw Shri Ram worried with the Vanar Vahini and said – Lord! What is the matter ?
Vibhishan ji told the whole thing with the signal of Shri Ram. Victory is impossible now.

Pawan’s son said – Hanuman is the name of making the impossible possible and the possible impossible. Lord ! You only allow me, I will go alone and destroy the immortal army of Ravana.
How Hanuman? They are immortal.

Lord ! Don’t worry about it, trust the servant.
On the other hand, Ravana told the demons while walking that there is a monkey named Hanuman, beware of him.

Seeing the lonely Hanuman ji in the battlefield, the demons asked – who are you? Are we not afraid to see the people who come alone in the battlefield?

Maruti – Why did the demon Sharaj Ravana not signal anything to you people while coming, who should stand fearless in front of me.

It did not take long for the nocturnal people to understand that this is Mahabali Hanuman. So what? We are immortal, what will this spoil us?

A fierce battle began. Due to the death of Pawanputra, the demons started piling up in the battlefield. The fourth army was left that a voice came from behind – Hanuman, we are immortal, it is impossible to win us. Therefore, return from Lanka with your master, in this is the welfare of all of you.

Anjaneya said – I will definitely return but not by your words, but by my own wish. Yes, you all attack together then see my strength and go and tell Ravana.

As soon as the demons wanted to attack Hanumanji together, Pawanputra wrapped them all in his tail and threw them into the sky.
All of them have gone above the gravitational force of the earth, they are going away.
Chale Mag Jaat Sookhi Gae Gaat
Goswami Tulsidas

His body dried up and could not die because of being immortal, so still going on abusing Ravana and cursing his immortality due to suffering.
Here Hanuman ji came and bowed his head at the feet of the Lord.

Shri Ram said – what happened Hanuman?
Lord ! I am coming by sending them upstairs.
Raghav – But he was immortal Hanuman.

Yes lord that’s why I have sent them up alive, now they can never come down? Now please send Ravana upstairs at the earliest. So that Mata Janaki can meet you and Maharaj Vibhishan can get the throne.

The Lord picked up the son of Pawan and embraced him. He was blessed by getting the boon of unceasing devotion. Shri Ram became indebted to him and said – Hanuman ji! The favor that you have done, may it become dilapidated in every part of me.

I ! I can’t repay him. Because the reward for favor is paid only in times of adversity. Son ! May no calamity ever come upon you.
Anjaneya is happy.

Like the valor of Hanuman ji, the valor of Lord Indra, Lord Indra, Maharaj Kuber and Lord Vishnu was also not heard. Such is the statement of Shri Ram :-

Na Kaalasy Na Shakrasy Na Vishnarvittapasy ch.
karmaani taani shrooyante yaani yuddhe hanoomatah

Jai Shri Sita Ram