Hemant Ritucharya

Hemant Ritucharya

Hemant season starts from Saturday 23 October 2021.

The benefits of these qualities can be taken by being the junction of both the winter period and the dissolution period, because Hemant season supports us, the nourishing power of the dissolution period. Simultaneously, in the winter season, the transition starts, but the rays of the sun are not so strong that they can exploit us by drying the juice. But with the beginning of the transition period, the light and initial rays of the sun look pleasant.

In winter, man gets the best strength naturally. Due to the cooling of the body’s pores, the gastric agni of naturally strong humans is protected in the stomach, due to which it becomes stronger. This intensified gastritis gets further flared up by the wind generated due to cold. If this fiery fire lacks food fuel, it burns the metals of the body. Therefore, in the winter season, salty, sour and sweet foods should be eaten and drunk. To make the body strong in this season, nutritious, powerful and potent dishes should be consumed.

In this season, delicious and nutritious dishes made from ghee, oil, wheat, urad, sugarcane, milk, dry ginger, pepper, gooseberry, etc. should be consumed. If food is not taken according to the gastric fire in this season, then there is a possibility of air-borne diseases. Those whose financial condition is not good, they should eat soaked country gram in the morning after chewing a lot as breakfast. Those who do more physical exertion, it is very beneficial to take banana, gooseberry jam, sesame, jaggery, coconut, dates etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that in this season the nights are long and cold. Therefore, it is said in the texts of Ayurveda to have breakfast in the morning only in this season, not in other seasons.

For those whose body has become weak due to the consumption of more poisonous (English) drugs, also for them various medicinal uses such as Abhayamal’s Rasayana, Vardhamana Pippali Prayog, Bhallatak Rasayan, Shilajit Rasayana, Triphala Rasayan, Chitrak Rasayan, the use of garlic, ask the doctor. Taxes can be done.

Those who are suffering from constipation should take green and jaggery or Yashtimadhu and Triphala on an empty stomach in the morning. If there is bile in the body, then first take a pinch of powder and sugar candy and swish it. Take Sudarshan churna or tablet for few days.

Vihara: Along with diet, it is necessary to be careful in living and living. In this season, oil should be massaged to make the body strong. Use of gram flour, paste or gooseberry paste is beneficial. Exercising means holding punishment meetings, wrestling, running, swimming etc. and pranayama and yogasanas should be practiced. Surya Namaskar, sun bath and consumption of incense are beneficial in this season. Apply agar paste on the body. Take a bath with normal hot water but do not pour hot water on the head. No matter how cold it is, wake up early in the morning and take a bath. The excessive heat generated in our body by sleeping at night goes out by taking bath, due to which there is communication of energy in the body.

Sleeping till late in the morning causes the same harm that the increased heat of the body has a bad effect on the organs like head, eyes, stomach, gall bladder, bladder, rectum, spermatozoa etc., due to which different types of diseases arise. In this way, by taking a bath early in the morning, these ingredients can be kept healthy by protecting them from diseases.

Wearing warm woolen clothes in sufficient quantity, wearing warm blankets at night to avoid extreme cold, using quilts etc., sleeping in a warm room, heating a bonfire is beneficial.

Apathya: To endure extreme cold in this season, cold water, cold air, hunger, fasting, dry, bitter, astringent, cold and stale substances, daytime sleep, keeping the mind disturbed by lust, anger, jealousy, malice is harmful.