Hindu Panchang 12-02-2022, Om Jaya Ekadashi – Pret Mochini Ekadashi, Vishnupadi Sankranti

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 12 February 2022
Day – Saturday
Vikram Samvat – 2078
Shaka Samvat -1943
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – winter
month – magh
Paksha – Shukla
Tithi – Ekadashi till 04:27 after that Dwadashi
Nakshatra – Ardra till full night
Yoga – Vishkambh night till 08:41 after that Preeti
Rahukaal – 10:02 am to 11:28 am
Sunrise – 07:12
Sunset – 18:33
Dishashul – in the east direction
Vrat festival details – Jaya Ekadashi
Special – By reciting Shri Vishnu Sahasranama on every Ekadashi, happiness and peace remains in the house. Ram Rameti Rameti. Rame Rame Manorame. A thousand names are like that. Ram Naam Varane.
On this day on Ekadashi, recitation of this mantra gives the same virtue as the chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama.

Hair should not be cut on Ekadashi.

It is forbidden to eat rice and sago on Ekadashi. Do not eat Shimbi (beans) on Ekadashi, otherwise the son perishes.

Those who take bath on the Ekadashis of both the sides with the use of amla juice, their sins are destroyed.

Jaya Ekadashi
🙏🏻 (The fast of this day is the destroyer of sins and demonicity like Brahmahatya and protects against demons.)

Vishnupadi Sankranti
Jap date: 13 February 2022 on Sunday (Vishnupadi Sankranti)
Punyakal Sunrise to 12:53 pm.
The fruits of chanting, meditation and virtuous deeds done during Vishnupadi Sankranti are million times. – (Padma Purana, Srishti section)

Om Jaya Ekadashi – Pret Mochini Ekadashi

🙏🏻 Lord Shri Krishna told Yudhishthira .. The one who fasts on this Jaya Ekadashi (February 12, 2022) (Pret Mochini Ekadashi) also gets enjoyment – the happiness of the world is also available. The killing of a Brahman, the killing of a brahmin is a great sin. That Ekadashi to destroy the sin of killing Brahma is Jaya Ekadashi. And never that person will get the vampire yoni. Anyone who is lying in the phantom yoni has good luck and the one who keeps the fast of Jaya Ekadashi will never have to go to the phantom yoni. If for some reason you cannot observe this fast, then do not eat rice on Ekadashi… will give disease and sin. Do not feed even the enemy on the day of Rice Ekadashi.

Bhishma Dwadashi Vrat
Bhishma Dwadashi fast is observed on the Dwadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Magha month. This time A fast is on 13th February, Sunday. According to religious texts, observing this fast fulfills all the wishes and brings happiness and prosperity.

Fasting Method
On the morning of Bhishma Dwadashi, after taking bath etc., do Sandhya Vandana and worship Lord Laxminarayan with Shodashopachar method. Use Banana leaves and fruits, Panchamrit, Betel nut, Paan, Sesame, Molly, Roli, Kum-kum, Durva in the worship of God. For worship, prepare Panchamrit by mixing milk, honey, banana, Gangajal, basil leaves, dry fruits and offer it to God.

After this listen to the story of Bhishma Dwadashi. Praise other deities including Goddess Lakshmi and distribute Charanamrit and Prasad after the worship is over. Offer food to Brahmins and give dakshina. Taking bath and donating on this day brings happiness, good fortune, wealth and children. Eat food only after feeding Brahmins and pray for your welfare, Dharma, Artha, Moksha along with the whole family.
This is the importance of Bhishma Dwadashi.

According to religious texts, observing this fast fulfills all the wishes and brings happiness and prosperity. Bhishma Dwadashi fast is considered to give all kinds of happiness and prosperity. Fasting on this day destroys all sins. In this fast, Brahmins get unfavourable results by offering charity, offering ancestors, havan, yajna, etc.

In this fast, Lord Narayan should be worshiped with names like Om Namo Narayanaya Namah etc. By doing this all sins are destroyed.