Hindu Panchang 15/09/2022, Do’s and don’ts in Shradh, Law of Providing Food in Shradh

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 15 September 2022
️ Day – Thursday
️ Vikram Samvat – 2079 (Gujarat-2078)
️ Shaka Samvat -1944
️ Ayan – Dakshinayana
️ Season – Autumn tu
️ Month – Ashwin (Bhadrapada according to Gujarat and Maharashtra)
️ Paksha – Krishna
️ Tithi – Panchami till 11:00 am and then Shashthi
️ Nakshatra – Bharani till 08:05 in the morning after that Kritika
️ Yoga-Harshan 16 September till 05:28 am after that thunderbolt
️ Rahukaal – 02:06 pm to 03:38 pm
Sunrise – 06:26
️ Sunset – 18:40
Dishashul – in the south direction
Vrat festival details – Shashthi Shradh, Krittika Shradh
Special – Eating vine on Panchami causes stigma. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

Salvation of Fathers
Lord Shiva says to his son: Kartikeya! Blessed are those people in the world, especially in Kali Yuga, who always consume Shri Hari for the salvation of the ancestors. Son ! What is the need of giving many Pinds and performing Shradh etc. in Gaya. Those human beings save the ancestors from hell with the influence of Haribhajan. If Lord Vishnu is bathed with milk etc. for the purpose of ancestors, then those ancestors reach heaven and reside with the deities for many years. – Padma Purana

Do’s and don’ts in Shradh
Shradh should be done in solitude, secretly, when the sight of evil human beings on Pind Daan does not reach the ancestors, Shradh should not be performed on other’s land, forests, mountains, holy shrines and Dev Mandirs do not come in other’s land. No one is owned, ancestors are satisfied in Shradh only by Brahmins, it is necessary to invite Brahmins on the occasion of Shradh, who performs Shradh without Brahmins, ancestors do not eat food in their homes and return after cursing, One becomes a great sinner by performing Shradh without brahmin. (Padma Purana, Kurma Purana, Skanda Purana)

The ancestors, who are pleased by Shradh, bestow sons, wealth, age, health, temporal happiness, salvation etc., whether there is a suitable time for Shradh or not.
For Krishna Paksha compared to Shukla Paksha, Aparna is considered best for Shradh. (Padma Purana, Manusmriti)

Shradh should not be done in the evening, the evening time is famous by the name of demonic Bela, performing Shradh on Chaturdashi gives birth to Kupraja (condemned children), but whose ancestors were killed by weapons in war, they are happy to perform Shradh on Chaturdashi. Those who perform Shradh on Chaturdashi themselves are also liable for war. (Skanda Purana, Kurma Purana, Mahabharata)

Shradh should not be performed in the night, it is said to be demonic, should not be performed in both the evenings, in the eighth part of the day (Mahurta) when the temperature of the sun starts decreasing, the name of that time is ‘Kutap’, in which the ancestors’ The donation given for this is inexhaustible, Kutap, Khagpatra, Blanket, Silver, Kush, Til, Cow and Dauhitra These eight are famous by the name Kutap, three things are very holy in Shradh, Dauhitra, Kutpakal, and Til, three things in Shradh. Most praiseworthy is the purification of the inner and outer, not to be angry and not to be hasty (Manusmriti, Matsyapuran, Padmapuran, Vishnupuran)

Law of Providing Food in Shradh
The food present for the meal should be very sweet, according to the desire of the eater and well-perfected. Keeping food in the vessels, the performer should say with a very beautiful and sweet voice: ‘O great people! Now you guys eat according to your wish.’

Then leaving the anger and rashness, they should continue to serve food with devotion.
The brahmins should also be given food with a happy mouth, having a mute mind and silence.
“Garlic, carrot, onion, karambha (curd mixed with flour or other food items) etc., which are flavored with rasa and smell are prohibited in the Shraddha rituals.” (Vayu Purana: 78.12)

“Brahmin should never shed tears while eating, should not be angry, should not lie, should not touch food with his feet and should not shake it while serving it. By shedding tears, one worships ghosts, by anger, enemies, lies Dogs are attained by speaking, demons by touching their feet and sinners by tossing them.” (Manusmriti: 3.229.230)

“As long as the food is hot and the Brahmins eat in silence, the ancestors eat food until the qualities of the food items are not mentioned. The demons eat the food which is eaten by tying a turban in the head or facing south or wearing a patten. go.” (Manusmriti: 3.237.238)

“While eating food, Brahmins should not have the sight of a Chandala, a pig, a rooster, a dog, a menstruating woman, and an eunuch. If they look at Homa, charity, Brahmin-food, Devakarma and Pitrukarma, then that action becomes fruitless.

Shraadhana becomes fruitless by the smell of a pig, by the blowing of a hen’s feather, by the sight of a dog and by the touch of a Shudra. The lame, Kana, the servant of the performer of the Shradh, the Hinang, the adhikang should be removed from the place of worship.” (Manusmriti: 3.241.242)

“The food items left over from Shradh should not be given to a woman and to a Shudra who is not a follower. Whoever gives them out of ignorance, the Shradh given to them is not received by the ancestors. Therefore, the leftover food items left behind in Shradh should not be given to anyone. should be given.” (Vayu Purana: 79.83)