Hindu Panchang 27/02/2023, Scientific reason behind braiding

Today’s Hindu Panchang

⛅ Date – 27 February 2023
⛅ Day – Monday
⛅ Vikram Samvat – 2079
⛅Shak Samvat – 1944
⛅Ayan – Uttarayan
⛅Season – Spring
⛅ Mass – Falgun
⛅ Paksha – Shukla
⛅ Date – Ashtami night till 02:21 then Navami
⛅ Nakshatra – Rohini till full night
⛅Yoga – Vaidhriti till 04:12 pm and then Vishkambh
⛅ Rahu Kaal – from 08:31 to 09:58 in the morning
⛅ Sunrise – 07:0
⛅Sunset – 06:42
⛅Disha Shool – in the east direction
⛅Brahmamuhurt – 05:24 to 06:14 in the morning
⛅ Nishita Muhurta – 12:27 to 01:17 in the night
⛅Vrat festival details – Saint Dadu Dayalji Jayanti, Jain Atthai begins
⛅ Special – Eating coconut fruit on Ashtami destroys the intellect. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Brahma Khanda: 27.29-34)

Importance of Having Braid or Crest

🔹 The smallest principle of Hinduism, even the smallest thing is complete and beneficial in its place.

🔹 Even a small tusk, that is, a braid, shows its completeness and necessity by becoming a means of welfare and development.

🔹 Sacrificing Shikha is like sacrificing your welfare. Like a big worship cannot work in place of a small part of a watch because even though it is small but it has its own importance, similarly Shikha also has unique importance.

🔹 The benefits that we are deprived of by not having education, cannot be fulfilled by any other means.

Scientific reason behind braiding

🔹Dr. Hywman says: “I have lived in India for many years and studied Indian culture. The residents of this place keep braids on their heads for a long time, which is described in the Vedas as well. In the south, a braid like ‘gokhur’ is kept on half the head. I was very impressed to see the uniqueness of his intellect. Certainly the braid helps a lot in intellectual development.

🔹 Renowned scholar Dr. I.E. Clark MD Has said: “Ever since I discovered this science, I have been convinced that every law of the Hindus is full of science.
Braiding is not only a religion of Hindus, it is a unique miracle of the discovery of sages and sages to protect the centers of Sushumna.

🔹1. By keeping education and following its rules properly, you get good wisdom, good thoughts etc.

  1. Soul power remains strong.
  2. Man remains religious, virtuous and self-controlled.
  3. There is success in worldly and worldly works.
  4. All the gods protect humans.
  5. Sushumna-protection makes a person healthy, strong, bright and long-lived.
  6. Eyesight is protected.

In this way, the importance of Shikha (peak) becomes clear from all religious, cultural and scientific points of view.

Key to health

  • 🔹Those who are sick and go to the doctor again and again, they should take gojharan vati and lick honey-garlic chutney, which will open the blockage in the pulse and help in the release of phlegm.

For happiness and peace in the house

🔹 Chant “Om Shanti” “Om Anand” for happiness and peace at home. Take special advantage of chanting on special dates.

When the garland breaks

🔹 If the rosary ever breaks… and the beads are lost, then break another new rosary and put it in the beads of the rosary… because the beads (beads) of the rosary on which chanting remains effective.

💰 To get Lakshmi 💦🌈 on Holi 🌕🌝 give 🫗 Arghya to Chandradev…..

To Remove Fear

👉🏻 It comes in Anand Ramayana that if a fearful person recites these 12 names of Hanumanji at the time of sleeping or in the morning or at the beginning of the journey, then his fear goes away.
➡ 1] Hanuman
➡ 2] Anjanisut (Anjaniputra)
➡ 3] Vayuputra
➡ 4] Mahabali
➡ 5] Ramesht means beloved of Ramji
➡ 6] Falgunsakh (Friends of Arjuna)
➡ 7] Pingaksha (brown eyed)
➡ 8] Amitavikram (Infinitely Powerful)
➡ 9] Uddhikraman (crossing the ocean)
➡ 10] Sitashokvinashan
➡ 11] Laxman Pranadata
➡ *12] Dashagrivadarpaha means the one who removes the pride of Ravana.

If there is Financial Problem

💰 If someone is in financial trouble, then eat food at the same time on the full moon day of Holi, fast for one time or eat food without salt, make kheer on the night of Holi and show it to the moon by offering it to the moon; Take water in a pot, put rice, sugar, kumkum, flowers, etc. in it and offer Arghya to the moon while reciting these mantras;
🌷 Dadhishankh: Tusharabham Kshirordarnav Sannibham
Namami Shashinam Soman Shambhormukutbhushanam
🌙 O Moon God! Lord Shiva has held you in his hair, I salute you.
➡ If you don’t remember the whole mantra
Om Somay Namah.
Om Somay Namah. You can chant this mantra.

Worship special on Holi day

🔥 There is a special method of worshiping Hanuman ji on the day of Holi, if possible do it. Worship does not mean that lighting a lamp in front of Hanuman ji only then he will be happy. “Shri Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nij Manu Mukur Sudhari Baranau Raghuvar Bimal Jasu, Jo Dayaku Phal Chari”, “Manojavam Maruttulya Velgam Jitendriyam Buddhimatam Seniori | Do it once on the day of Holi, it will be of great benefit.
🔥 On the day of Holi, the law of worship of Lakshmi Mata has also been described in the scriptures. Do that by lighting a camphor lamp. Burn only a little camphor. The festival of Holi is the destroyer of poverty.