Important things related to worship

Important things related to worship

★ Do not Pranam with one hand.

★ Do not touch the feet of the sleeping person.

★ While saluting elders, bow on their right foot with right hand and by touching their left foot with left hand.

★ The tongue or lips should not be moved while chanting. This is called Upanshu Japa. Its fruit is a hundredfold fruitful.

★ While chanting, the right hand should be covered with cloth or Gaumukhi.

★ After chanting, touching the ground below the seat should be applied to the eyes.

It is forbidden to break Tulsi during Sankranti, Dwadashi, Amavasya, Purnima, Sunday and Sandhya.

★ The lamp should not be lit by the lamp.

★ Black sesame should be used in Yagya, Shradh etc., not white sesame.

★ Water should be offered on Peepal on Saturday. Seven rounds of Peepal should be done. It is best to circumambulate

★ Women should not break garbage-matira-coconut etc. or do not cut it with knife etc. It is not considered good.

★ Food offerings should not be skipped.

★ Be sure to bow after seeing the idol of God.

★ Anyone should give any object or charity-dakshina with the right hand.

On Ekadashi, Amavasya, Krishna Chaturdashi, Purnima Vrat and Shradh one should not do Kshor-karma (beard).

★ Whatever work, action is done without Yagyopavit or Shikha Bandhan, it becomes fruitless.

★ Bilva leaves to Shankar, Tulsi to Vishnu, Durva to Ganesha, Lotus to Lakshmi.

★ Kumkum is not offered to Shankar ji except on Shivratri.

★ Do not offer blunt to Shiva, Dhatura to Vishnu, Aak to Goddess and Tagar flowers to Madar and Sun God.

★ Wash and offer to the intact deities thrice and to the ancestors once.

★ If new bilva leaves are not found, then the offered bilva leaves can be washed and offered again.

★ Do not offer rice to Lord Vishnu, Tulsi to Lord Ganesha, Bilva leaves to Durga and Surya Narayan.

★ Do not offer leaves-flowers-fruits with their faces down, they should be offered as they arise.

★ But after inverting the bilvapatra, break the stick and offer it to Shankar.

★ Break the tip of the betel stick and offer it.

★ Do not offer rotten paan or flowers.

★ Tulsi Bhadra is offered to Ganesha on Shukla Chaturthi.

★ Lotus flower does not become stale till five nights.

★ Tulsi leaves do not become stale till ten nights.

★ In all religious works, the wife should be seated on the right side and perform religious activities.

★ The worshiper should worship only by applying tilak on the forehead.

★ Sitting facing east, keep bell, incense on your left side and conch shell, water pot and worship material on your right.

★ Keep the lamp of ghee on your left and the deity on the right and light it by placing a lamp on the rice.

★ All letters are dear to Ganesha except Tulsi’s letter. Tulsi is not acceptable in the worship of Bhairav.

★ The flower of Kunda is prohibited for Shiva except in the month of Magha.

★ The gods do not accept the one who breaks the Tulsi leaf without taking a bath.

★ Do not break Durva on Sunday.

★ Ketaki flower should not be offered to Shiva.

★ Worship Vishnu with Ketaki flower in the month of Kartik.

★ The lamp lit in front of the deities should not be extinguished.

★ There is no invocation and immersion of Shaligram.

★ There is no invocation and immersion in the idol which is installed.

★ Do not take Tulsi leaves after midday.

★ If the Gurudev, the eldest person or the revered person comes while worshiping, then get up and bow down to him and finish the remaining karma with his permission.

★ There is an invocation and immersion of the clay idol and in the end Ganga flow is also done by classical method.

★ Lotus can be purified for five nights, Bilva leaves for ten nights and Tulsi after eleven nights and can be taken for worship.

★ If everything is not available in Panchamrit, then only by bathing with milk, the fruit of Panchamrita becomes fruitful.

★ Akshat does not climb on Shaligram. Red color mixed rice can be offered.

★ Flowers held in the hand, sandalwood in a copper vessel and Gangajal in a leather vessel become impure.

★ Molten ghee and thin sandalwood should not be offered.

★ Must offer Dakshina for success in daily worship.

Sneezing is considered auspicious at the time of posture, sleeping, charity, food, clothing collection, dispute and marriage.

★ One who wears dirty clothes, cut clothes of mouse etc., has hair clipped and mouth is foul-smelling, chanting etc. is destroyed by the gods.

★ Do not take soil, cow dung in Nisha and cow urine during Pradosh Kaal.

★ Do not rub the idol with the thumb in the idol bath.

★ Namaskar to Peepal should be done in the afternoon only after the forenoon. Don’t do it after that.

★ Famine, death and fear arise at that place where the unappreciated are worshipped and the scholars are disrespected.

★ Worship Lakshmi on Shukla Dashami Tithi of Paush month, Shukla Panchami of Chaitra and Purnima Tithi of Shravan to attain Lakshmi.

★ Do not worship Lakshmi in Krishna Paksha, in Ritika Tithi, in Shravanadi Nakshatra.

★ Do not start worshiping Lakshmi in the afternoon, at night, in Krishna Paksha, on Dwadashi Tithi and on Ashtami.

★ There are nine parts of the mandapa, they are all equal, that is, the mandap is chaturasana from all sides, that is, not crooked. The pool which is not created by makeup destroys the host.

★ If there is some mistake while worshiping, then definitely say this one mantra at the end

Aaavanam Na Janami Na Janami Visarjanam.
Worship chaiva na janami parmeshwar
Mantraless actionless devotional non devotional Janardan.
Yatpujitam Maya Dev! in perfect condition

All of you are requested, if possible, you can also make other people aware of these important things.