Increase prosperity, Cloves in Aarti, Careful in farming work

To increase prosperity
If the debt is done, then offer Arghya to the moon every night from the second day of Amavasya till Poonam, prosperity will increase.
🙏🏻 Start chanting the mantra you got in initiation with great devotion, whatever the problem is, it will be solved.

Cloves in Aarti: After worshiping in the morning, do aarti by putting 2 cloves in the lamp or do aarti by putting two cloves of flowers in camphor. All your work will be done smoothly and there will be no hindrance of any kind.
Do the aarti of Hanumanji by putting cloves in the lamp of raw coriander oil. The evil will go away and money will also be received.

Be careful in farming work
Land is yours… If you do farming work, then don’t do farming work on Amavasya day. Chant the 7th chapter of Bhagavad Gita on Amavasya… and offer the virtue of that recitation to your father… Offer Arghya to the sun… and pray “What I recited today… on the new moon day.” Virtue who have passed away in my house… may they get their merit.” Then we will get their blessings and happiness and wealth will increase in the house.