Kaal Sarp Dosha, Todays Panchang 3-2-2022

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 03 February 2022
Day – Thursday
Vikram Samvat – 2078
Shaka Samvat -1943
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – winter
month – magh
Paksha – Shukla
Date – Tritiya 04 February till 04:38 am after that Chaturthi
Nakshatra – Shatabhisha till 04:35 in the evening, then after Bhadrapada
Yoga – Parigha night till 09:17 after that Shiva
Rahukaal – 02:17 pm to 03:41 pm
Sunrise – 07:16
Sunset – 18:28
Dishashul – in the south direction

  • Vrat festival details –
    Special – Eating Parval on Tritiya is going to increase the enemies. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)
    ~ Hindu Panchang ~ Kaal Sarp Dosh: People get upset only after hearing the name of Kaal Sarp Dosh, but if there is Kaal Sarp Dosh in your horoscope then there is a need to understand it, not to worry. Kaal Sarp Dosh is caused by the coming together of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope. Apart from this, if all the seven major planets Rahu and Ketu are within the axis of the planet, then Kaal Sarp Dosh arises in the person’s horoscope. Because of this dosha, there is more conflict in life. Over and over again, things get messed up.

Astrological Remedies for Kaal Sarp Dosh Redressal

  • Get Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja done.
  • Worship Maa Durga and Lord Ganesha.
  • Do fire rituals for Rahu and Ketu on Tuesday.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Give milk to snakes on Tuesday.
  • The recitation of Durga Chalisa is also fruitful for the prevention of Kaal Sarp Dosh.

Magh Shukla Tritiya (Gauri Tritiya)
03 February 2022 is Thursday, Magh Shukla Tritiya.
There is a direction to worship Gauri universally on Tritiya Tithi, irrespective of the Tritiya Tithi of any month. According to Bhavishya Purana, Shukla Tritiya of Magh month is better than Tritiya of other months. Tritiya of Magha month gives special fruits to women. Gauri Tritiya fasting is observed on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Magha month. Bhavishya Puran Uttarparva describes the method of Lalitatritiya fast starting from today, by which a woman gets good fortune, wealth, happiness, son, form, Lakshmi, longevity and health and also attains heaven.

Om Saubhagyam Labhte Yen Dhanam Putranpashunsukham. Nari swargam shubham roopmarogyam sriyamuttamam.

🙏🏻 Bhavishya Purana, in Brahmaparva, Bhagwati Gauri told Dharmaraja: – Donation of jaggery and salt (salt) on the third day of Magh month is very preferable for women and men, dear Lord Shankar, donate Modak and water on that day.

Maghmasse Tritiyayan Gudsya Lavanasya Ch. Danam shreyaskaram rajanstrinam cha purusya ch..
Tritiyaya Tu Maghasya Vamadevasya Preetye. Varidanam Prasham Syanmodakanan Cha Bharat.
According to Padma Puran, Srishti Khand, Shukla Paksha of Magha month is Tritiya Manvantara Tithi. Whatever is donated on that day, its fruit is said to be renewable.

According to Dharmasindhu, donating fuel, blankets, clothes, shoes, oil, quilts filled with cotton, gold, grains, etc. in the month of Magh gives a huge result.

Donating sesame seeds in Magh must be done. Especially a copper vessel filled with sesame seeds should be donated.

Any problem in the in-laws Do this remedy to get rid of sufferings

If a married sister has any problem in her in-laws’ house, then keep fast on the third day of Shukla Paksha. On Tritiya of Paksha.. The Tritiya which comes in Shukla Paksha from Amavasya to Poonam, keep such a fast… without salt food (milk bread), just eat it once……. so only
Tritiya of Shukla Paksha of Magha month,
Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya and
Shukla Tritiya of Bhadrapada month
Surely do fasting for 3 such Tritiyas… do it without salt….it will be beneficial…
🙏🏻 .. such a fast was done by Vashisht ji’s wife Arundhati…. Such a diet without salt. The married life of Vashisht and Arundhati was so beautiful that even today, among the seven sages, there is a star of Vashishth ji, Arundhati’s star is with them… even today we see them in the sky at night…
🙏🏻 .. If marriage takes place according to the scriptures, then they see them….. The one who is a pandit after knowing speaks… If Arundhati is with us, such a husband and wife will be with us..” There is such a rule….
🙏🏻 the wife of the moon became the chief among the 27 wives of the moon through this fast. .Tilak the cow with sandalwood on that day….do kum-kum tilak to yourself too by facing north direction…. Feed jaggery to the cow on that day too