Kalabhairav ​​Ashtami – Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti

Kalabhairavashtami (Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti)

🙏🏻 Saturday, 27 November 2021 is Kaal Bhairavashtami (Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti). According to Shiva Purana Shatrudrasamhita, “Lord Shiva incarnated as Bhairav ​​on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month. Therefore, a person who observes fasting on Krishnashtami of Margashirsha month near Kaal Bhairav ​​and awakens at night, becomes free from all sins. The person who performs the rituals of this fast with devotion, he will also be freed from the great sins and will attain salvation.

🙏🏻 Amritananda Nath says in the Yoginihadyadeepika commentary of Vamkeshwar Tantra- ‘Vishvsya Bharanad Ramanad Vamanat Srishti-Status-Destroyer Parashivo Bhairavah’ which means filling of the world from B- to Ramash, V- to Vamana means creation and destruction of creation. Shiva is the only one who does it.

On this day fasting and night awakening have special significance. ‘Jagran Chopvasam Cha Kritva Kalashtmidene. Prayah sin-freedom: shaivo bhavati shobhanah. According to this, after fasting and awakening in the night, then all the sins are removed and the fasting becomes Shaivite. Bhairav ​​is considered to be the god of the night and the special time of his worship is also considered to be from 12 to 3 o’clock in the middle of the night.

🙏🏻 Bhairav ​​was born in the middle of the day, so it should be taken only in the middle of the middle of Vyapini Ashtami fasting/worship.

According to Bhavishya Purana, Uttaraparva, Chapter 58, there is a law of Anaghashtami fasting in Margashirsha Krishna Paksha Ashtami, by which the threefold sins (physical, verbal and mental) are destroyed and the Ashtavid Aishwarya (Anima, Mahima, Prapti, Prakamya, Laghima, Ishitva) is destroyed. , Vashitva and all-pervasiveness).

🙏🏻 In Shiva Purana “Bhairava: Purnaroopohi Shankarasya Paratmanah. Mudhastevai na jananti mohita: Shivamaya. He is said to be the full form of Shiva. According to “Tayoreva Samutpanno Bhairavah Krodhasanyutha” in the north part of Brahmanda Purana, the origin of Bhairav ​​from an angry Shiva and then the piercing of Brahma’s head by Bhairav ​​is told. In the Vamana Purana, the origin of different Bhairvas in eight directions has been told from the blood of Shiva. Whereas in the Brahmavaivarta Purana, the origin of Bhairav ​​is told from the right eye of Krishna.

Kalabhairav ​​Ashtami
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🙏🏻 5. On Kalbhairav ​​Ashtami, offer it on the Shivling by writing ‘Om Namah Shivay’ with sandalwood on 21 bilva leaves. Also, offer one Mukhi Rudraksha. With this all your wishes can be fulfilled.

🙏🏻 6. Take a roti on Kalbhairav ​​Ashtami. Draw a line on this roti by dipping it in the oil with your index and middle finger. Give this roti to any two colored dog to eat. Continue this sequence, but only on three days a week (Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday). These three days are considered to be of Bhairavnath.

🙏🏻 7. If you are troubled by debt, then wake up early in the morning of Kalabhairav ​​Ashtami and worship Lord Shiva after taking bath etc. Offer them Bilva leaves. Chant this mantra by holding a rosary of Rudraksha by placing a seat in front of Lord Shiva.

मंत्र- ॐ ऋणमुक्तेश्वराय नम:

🙏🏻 8. A day before Kalabhairav ​​Ashtami, make urad dal pakodas in mustard oil and keep them covered overnight. Waking up early in the morning, leave the house between 6 and 7 in the morning without saying anything to anyone and feed the dogs.

🙏🏻 9. Offer 1.25 kg jalebi to Lord Bhairavnath and later distribute it to the poor as prasad. Offer five lemons to Bhairavaji. Donate a black blanket to a leper, a beggar.

🙏🏻 10. On Kalabhairav ​​Ashtami, fry dishes like papads, pakodas, puas in mustard oil and distribute them in poor settlements. Light 33 incense sticks scented of rose, sandalwood and Google in any Bhairav ​​temple located near the house.

🙏🏻 11. Make a bundle of one hundred and one hundred grams of black sesame, one hundred and twenty grams of black urad, Rs.11, and a quarter meter black cloth and offer it on Kalabhairav ​​Ashtami in the temple of Bhairavnath.

🙏🏻 12. After taking bath etc. on the morning of Kalabhairav ​​Ashtami, go to the temple of Lord Kalbhairav ​​and offer Imarti. Later donate this Imarti. By doing this Lord Kalabhairava is pleased.

🙏🏻 13. On Kalabhairav ​​Ashtami, go to a nearby Shiva temple and anoint Lord Shiva with water and offer black sesame seeds to him. After this, sit in the temple for some time and chant Om Namah Shivaya Mantra in your mind.