Kartik Month – what to do during kartik masam?

Kartik Month

Special ~ According to Gujarat and Maharashtra, it is Ashwin month now.
Prohibited in Kartik month

🙏🏻 Brahmaji said to Naradji: ‘Rice, pulses, carrots, brinjal, gourd and stale food should not be eaten in the month of Kartik. Those fruits which have many seeds should also be discarded and do not behave in the world.
Special virtuous in Kartik month

There is an indelible virtue of bathing, charity, chanting, fasting, silence, god-darshan, guru-darshan, worship in the morning. Even the sight of Tulsi in the morning is a destroyer of all sins. It is beneficial to sleep on the ground, observe celibacy, to plant lamps, Tulsiban or Tulsi plants.

One should recite the Bhagavad Gita and devote one’s mind to its meaning. Brahmaji tells Naradji that ‘the merits of such a person cannot be described even for months’.

🙏🏻 Text of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama *

Doing it is also particularly beneficial. ‘Om Namo Narayanay’ | The more one who chants this Mahamantra, the more auspicious he gets. One should chant at least 108 times.
Get up in the morning and do kardarshan. ‘Purusharth gives success to Lakshmi, fame and success, but may the supreme effort be helpful in the attainment of my Narayan’ – If you look at your hands with this feeling, it is especially rewarding in the month of Kartik.

Must take bath before sunrise

One who takes bath after sunrise in the month of Kartik destroys his virtues and one who takes bath before sunrise becomes the destroyer of his diseases and sins. Bathing throughout the month of Kartik removes sins and develops the virtues of loving the Lord and being equal in happiness – sorrow and favourability – adversity.

🙏🏻 That’s when we were small. Our mother used to take bath in the morning in Kartik month, sisters would also do it, then they sang hymns together with the mothers and sisters of the neighborhood. Taking a bath before sunrise creates virtuous energy, Papanashini Mati comes. You guys also take advantage of Kartik month.

Achievement of virtues of entire Kartik month in 3 days

🙏🏻 If someone is not able to take bath in the morning on all the days of Kartik month, then he should take bath in the last 3 days of Kartik month – Trayodashi, Chaturdashi and Purnima by chanting ‘Omkar’ before sunrise in the morning. It is said to have attained the virtues of bathing.

The glory of bathing in the month of Kartik
There is a great glory of taking a bath before sunrise in the month of Kartik and this bath is like a pilgrimage.

Chanting in Kartik month
The one who chants “Om Namo Narayana” while praising his Gurudev in the month of Kartik, gets a lot of merit.

Kartik month
It is written in Skanda Purana: ‘There is no other month like Kartika month, there is no age like Satya Yuga, there is no scripture like Vedas and there is no other pilgrimage like Gangaji.’ – (Vaishnav Khand, CM : 1.36-37)