Laxmi Mantra, Doable is Diwali

Protection from Ghosts
Diwali (04 November 2021) Make a kajal by lighting a lamp of mustard oil or cow ghee on Thursday.

Maa Lakshmi Mantra
Diwali (04 November 2021) Lord Kubera worshiped Lakshmi ji on Thursday night, then he became Kuber, who is richer than the rich people.. All are the masters of wealth.. Such is the importance of this period.. given The one who chants the water will get wealth, power, opulence… Dhruva, King Priyavrata also chanted to get Lakshmi, attainment of wealth… the mantra is very simple… listen to the mantra with devotion to get the fruits of the mantra. –
Maa Lakshmi Mantra

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ऐं कमलवासिन्यै स्वाहा

Doable in Diwali

  1. When Shri Ram came to Ayodhya on the day of Deepawali, Shri Ram (knowledge), Sitaji (devotion) and Lakshmanji (Viragya) also came in our lives.
  2. On the day of Deepawali, a lamp of ghee is lit throughout the night till sunrise, then it is considered very auspicious.
  3. If camphor was burnt in a silver bowl on the day of Deepawali, then the family would have been protected from all the three heats.
  4. Every new moon (and Diwali also) lighting a lamp under a peepal tree pleases the ancestors and the gods, and good souls are born in the house.
  5. On the day of the new year (the day after Deepawali), do tilak with the soil of cow’s hoof, or with the soil of Tulsiji, there will be happiness and peace.
  6. Lighting a lamp of ghee under the Ashoka tree on the evening of Diwali is considered very auspicious.