A Small Story of Lumberjack


The king was pleased to drink a bottle of water from a lumberjack in a deserted forest and said, ‘O those who drink water, must come to my capital someday, I will reward you. The woodcutter said very well.

Enough time has elapsed since this incident happened. Finally, one day the woodcutter reached the capital while walking and went to the king and said, I am the same woodcutter who gave you water. The king saw him and sitting beside him with great pleasure, began to think that how should I remove the sorrow of this poor man?

Finally, after deliberation, he handed over a huge sandalwood garden to him. The woodcutter also became happy in his heart. Come on, it is good that the coals of the trees of this garden will be plentiful, life will be cut off.

Thinking of this, the woodcutter started making coal every day by cutting sandalwood and selling them and started feeding himself. Within a short time, the beautiful sandalwood garden became a deserted place, in which heaps of coal were lying everywhere. Now only a few trees were left in it, which provided the work of shade for the woodcutter.

One day the king got the idea, let’s see the condition of the woodcutter. There will also be a tour of the sandalwood garden. Thinking of this, the king went towards the sandalwood garden. He saw smoke rising from the park from afar. On coming closer, it was found that sandalwood was burning and the woodcutter was standing nearby.

Seeing the king coming from afar, the woodcutter proceeded to welcome him. As soon as the king came, he said, brother, what have you done? The woodcutter said that by your grace, so much time was spent comfortably. You have done me a great favor by giving me this garden. I have been selling coal by making and selling it. Now only a few trees are left. If another garden is found, then the rest of the life will also be spent.

The king smiled and said okay I will stand here. You do not take coal but take this wood and sell it in the market. The woodcutter picked up two yards (about two and a half meters) of wood and took it to the market. People ran after seeing sandalwood and finally he got three hundred rupees which was many times more than coal.

The woodcutter came to the king crying with the price and started crying loudly and accepting his lucklessness.

In this story, the sandalwood garden is the human body and each of our breaths are sandalwood trees, but due to ignorance, we are converting these sandalwood into coal. We are burning this sandal of life in the fire of enmity, hatred, anger, greed, jealousy, estrangement, tension etc. with people.

When in the end the sandalwood trees will be less, then we will realize that we were converting the precious sandalwood in vain into two shells of coal due to these trivial reasons, but still it is not too late, whatever sandalwood trees are left with us. New trees can be made from it. Through yoga, still life can be enriched by mutual love, help, harmony, peace, brotherhood, and faith.

what is received is sufficient
one who has a good heart
he has all