Panchang, Amalaki Ekadashi, get rid of Kalsarp Yoga, Brahm Vriksha Palash

Today’s Hindu Panchang
Date – 13 March 2022
Day – Sunday
Vikram Samvat – 2078
Shaka Samvat -1943
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – spring
month – falgun
Paksha – Shukla
Tithi – Dashami till 10:21 in the morning after that Ekadashi
Nakshatra – Punarvasu till 08:05 night after that Pushya
Yoga-Shobhan March 14 till 04:18 am, after that Atigand
Rahukaal – 05:18 pm to 06:47 pm
Sunrise – 06:50
Sunset – 18:46
Dishashul – in the west direction

  • Vrat festival details – Falgun Dashami, Ravipushyamrit Yoga *
    *Special –

Amalaki Ekadashi
Amalaki Ekadashi on 14th March

Shadshiti Sankranti
Shadshiti Sankranti is on 14th March 2022.
🙏 Punyakal: From 12:48 pm to sunset… The merit of chanting, austerity, meditation and service is 86000 times !!!

On this day, leave crores of work and spend maximum time in chanting-meditation, prayer.

Be careful on the day of Ekadashi
13 March 2022 is Ekadashi from 10:22 am on Sunday to 14 March, 12:05 pm on Monday.
Special – On Monday, March 14, keep fast on Ekadashi.

🙏🏻 * Ekadashi comes in 15-15 days in a month, Ekadashi fasting destroys sins and diseases, but old, child and sick person cannot keep Ekadashi, even then they should give up rice, those who eat rice on Ekadashi day. So… it seems a sin to eat one worm every rice from the religious texts..

Get rid of Kalsarp Yoga
Kaal Sarp Dosh is considered very dangerous. And do this… do this… spend so much….. chant so much… Many people cheat them. Still they are not chased by Kalsarpa Yoga. But according to astrology, their Kalsarp Yoga does not remain, on which the color of Kesuda (Palash) – the color of Holi is sprayed. Then got freedom from Kaal Sarp Yog. Do not spend money due to fear of Kaal Sarp Yoga and do not be afraid to believe that you have planetary defects, it is Kaal Sarp.

Brahm Vriksha Palash
Palash is called Dhak in Hindi, Tesu, Palash in Bengali, Pas in Marathi, Kesuda in Gujarati. Eating on the leaves made from its leaves gives the same benefits as the food cooked in a silver vessel.
🙏🏻 It comes in ‘Ling Purana’ that if 10 thousand sacrifices are given by the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ from the Samidha of Palash, then all diseases are quenched.
In the initial stage of night blindness: Putting the juice of flowers in the eyes is beneficial. Mix pure honey in the juice of flowers coming to the eyes.

Palash seeds: Give 3 to 6 grams of seed-churna with milk in the morning for three days. 10 to 15 ml in the morning on the fourth day. Taking castor oil mixed with hot milk will remove the worms.

Leaves: By mixing dry leaves of Palash and Bael, cow’s ghee and sugar candy mixed incense, the intellect is purified and increased.

In piles: Make vegetable of Palash leaves in ghee and oil and eat it with curd.

Bark: If there is bleeding from the nose, stool-urinary tract or vagina, then make a decoction (50 ml) of the bark and give it mixed with sugar candy when it cools down.

Palash’s gum: Taking 1 to 3 grams of Palash’s gum with mixed milk or amla juice increases strength and semen and strengthens bones. Dissolving this gum in hot water and drinking it provides relief in diarrhea and congestion.