Panchang for 13/02/2023, Vishnupadi Sankranti, Success in works

Today’s Hindu Panchang
⛅ Date – 13 February 2023
⛅ Day – Monday
⛅ Vikram Samvat – 2079
⛅Shak Samvat – 1944
⛅Ayan – Uttarayan
⛅Ritu – Shishir
⛅ Mass – Phalgun (Magha in Gujarat, Maharashtra)
⛅Party – Krishna
⛅ Date – Saptami till 09:45 in the morning, then Ashtami
⛅ Nakshatra – Visakha till 02:36 in the night and then Anuradha
⛅ Yoga – Growth till 02:17 pm, then Dhruv
⛅ Rahu Kaal – from 08:39 am to 10:04 am
⛅Sunrise – 07:14
⛅Sunset – 06:34
⛅ Moonrise – Night 01:19
⛅Disha Shool – in the east direction
⛅Brahmamuhurt – from 05:32 to 06:23 in the morning
⛅ Nishita Muhurta – 12:28 to 01:19 in the night
⛅Vrat festival details – Shrinathji Patotsav (Nathdwara), Vishnupadi-Kumbh Sankranti, Shabri Mata Jayanti
⛅ Special – If palm fruit is eaten on Saptami, it is disease enhancer and body destroyer. Eating coconut fruit on Ashtami destroys the intellect. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Brahma Khanda: 27.29-34)

Vishnupadi Sankranti: 13 February 2023

🌹 Punyakaal: 13 February from sunrise to 09:57 am

🌹 The result of chanting, meditation and good deeds done in Vishnupadi Sankranti is a million times. (Padma Purana)

🔹Your health in your hands – Part (2)🔹

🔸10) Massaging of nourishing oil must be done in all the organs, especially in the head, ears and feet. By doing it, wind and phlegm are removed, fatigue is removed, strength and happiness are attained, sleep is good, the complexion of the body improves, the body becomes soft, life span increases and the body is strengthened.

🔸(11) Oil massaged in the head satisfies all the senses, strengthens vision, removes headaches. Hair becomes thick, long and soft by reaching oil in the hair. Lasts for a long time and hair remains black and also keeps the head full.

🔸(12) Regularly putting oil in the ear does not cause disease or dirt in the ear. The pulse on the side of the neck and the beard do not get stiff. There is no hearing or deafness from very high. If you want to put juice etc. in the ear, then it is beneficial to put it before meals.

🔸 (13) Rubbing oil on the feet makes the feet strong. One gets good sleep, the eyes remain clean and the feet do not become false, do not get stiff with exertion, do not get hesitant and do not tear. Just as snakes do not go near Garuda, in the same way diseases do not go to the practitioner of exercise and the one who gets oil massage. If oil is used while taking a bath, then that oil saturates the whole body through the pores of hair, group of veins and arteries and provides strength.

🔸(14) Just as the leaves of trees irrigated at the root get growth, in the same way the metals irrigated with oil of humans who rub oil on their organs get confirmation.

🔸(15) Those suffering from fever, constipated, who have taken laxatives, who have vomited, should never massage with oil.

🔸 (16) By rubbing oil on the face, the eyes become strong, the cheeks become firm, there are no boils and pimples and the face becomes beautiful like a lotus.

🔸 (17) The person who bathes with Amla everyday, his hair does not turn white quickly and he lives for a hundred years.

🔸 (18) It is auspicious to see the body in the mirror, it is revolutionary, affirmative, it increases strength and life and destroys sin and ill-will.

🔸(19) The person who licks the powder of bijora leaves with honey while sleeping can sleep happily.

🔸(20) The person who makes it a rule to drink eight and a half handfuls of water before sunrise remains free from diseases and old age and remains alive even after hundred years.

For success in works

🔸 The person who is not able to achieve success despite repeated efforts or has become completely disappointed towards achieving success, should light a lamp under the Peepal tree every Monday and do 5 parikramas of that tree in the evening. . The person who does this experiment for a few days starts getting success in his work gradually.


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