Religion and Peepal

“Peepal is called the king of trees, see a verse in its veneration: – Moolam Brahma, Skin Vishnu, Sakha Shankaramevacha! Patre-Patraka Sarvadevanaam, Vriksharaj Namostute!!

Peepal tree is considered to be of great importance in Hinduism, according to the scriptures, all the gods and goddesses and our ancestors have also been considered to reside in this tree.

“Peepal is actually the living and fully sculpted form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna has also said that among the trees, I am the Peepal!!

It is mentioned in the Puranas that basically Brahma Rupay Madhyato Vishnu Rupinah.

That is, Lord Brahma resides in its core, Lord Shri Vishnu in the middle and Lord Shiva in the foreground. That is, when all your paths are closed, you consider yourself surrounded by troubles from all sides, even your shadow does not support you, everything is deteriorating, then you go to the shelter of Peepal, worship them, worship them. Request for help, no doubt your worst pain will go away in no time!!

According to religious scriptures, every person must plant a Peepal tree in life. As this tree grows, happiness and prosperity will also increase in your house, after planting Peepal tree, it must be taken care of till it grows up, but keep in mind that you should keep Peepal away from your home. But even the shadow of Peepal should not fall.

It is believed that if a person establishes a Shivling under a Peepal tree, then even the biggest problems are removed from his life. Amenities are available!!

After the end of the new moon of the month of Sawan and worshiping Peepal on all Saturdays of Sawan, worshiping / worshiping Lord Hanuman ji under it, the worst troubles are also overcome if sitting under the Peepal tree, except on Sundays. If Hanuman Chalisa is recited regularly, it is a remedy that provides miraculous results.

Break 11 leaves of peepal sitting under the peepal and write the name of Lord Shri Ram on them with sandalwood, then make a garland of these leaves and offer it to Lord Hanumanji, all the troubles will be protected.

“Miraculous Remedies Of Peepal”

“According to the scriptures, Mother Lakshmi is worshiped on the Peepal tree at 10 o’clock in the morning on every full moon, so those who want to be financially strong, at this time worship Mother Lakshmi by lighting incense sticks while offering fruits, flowers, sweets on the Peepal tree. And also chanting a rosary of any mantra of Mother Lakshmi, the person gets the best results of his work and he gradually becomes financially capable.

“Peepal has a boon from Lord Vishnu that the person who worships Peepal on Saturday, will be blessed by Lakshmi and the opulence of his house will never be destroyed, take a Peepal leaf and sandalwood on it every Saturday to increase business. Make a swastika out of it and keep it under your seat of your business place. Change it every Saturday and keep it separate, do this continuously for 7 Saturdays, then on the 8th Saturday, put all these leaves in a secluded place and keep your mind. Keep praying for your financial prosperity, soon your business will start flourishing by the grace of Peepal.

“Whoever bows after seeing the Peepal tree, his life increases; Whoever sits under it and performs dharma-karma, his work is completed.

“Cutting the Peepal Tree”

“The foolish man who cuts down a Peepal tree, there is no way to get rid of the sin caused by it. (Padma Purana, Volume 7A 12) Every Sunday, under the Peepal, the deities do not reside, but the poor do not reside. Worship of Peepal is considered taboo on this day, if it is very important to cut the Peepal tree, then it can be cut only on Sunday.

“””” Peepal in Shani Dosha “”””

By removing the bad effects of Shani’s Sadesati and Dhaiya, to get the auspicious effects, it is the best way for every person to worship Peepal every Saturday, if water is offered to Peepal every day (except Sunday) facing west, then Shani dosha There is peace on Saturday morning by offering jaggery, mixed water, burning incense incense sticks and doing seven rounds of it, and in the evening, a lamp of bitter oil must also be lit under the Peepal tree, by following this rule, invisible powers of Peepal Always helps that person!!

In the 118th chapter of ‘Brahma Purana’, Shani Dev says- ‘On my day i.e. Saturday, the person who touches the Peepal tree regularly, all his works will be accomplished and he will not have planetary pain on both of the Peepal tree on Saturday. Touching with hands, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. By chanting 108 times, the effect of sorrow, difficulty and planetary defects gets pacified.

“”” Peepal in the defects of the planets “””

In astrology, many easy but surefire remedies have been given related to Peepal, which remove the defects of all our planets, which people of any zodiac can easily do.