Rohini Nakshatra in astrology and its Effects on your Birth Chart

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra is amazing. Those born in it are influenced by Venus and Moon, because Rohini Nakshatra falls in Taurus, the sign of Venus and if the Moon comes in it, then this yoga becomes successful in captivating people. If Shani and Shukra also become strong as in the birth chart of Lord Krishna, then the person becomes successful in captivating the whole world. Whether such people have knowledge or not, the powers of Mesmerism and Hypnotism arise in their personality and they become successful in gathering the crowd. Rohini Nakshatra is very important from the astronomical point of view. Rohini has been given great importance in Medini astrology.

Not only is there a mention of Rohini in the Puranas, but the role of Rohini has also been considered in relation to rain and catastrophe. It is considered to be the crown or brain of Taurus and the position of this constellation is from 10 * to 23 * 20′ minutes of this zodiac and when the Sun God enters this constellation in the last week of May, people all over India wait. It is said that now there will be 9 heats and if the sun burns for 9 days without rain, then the rainy season is going to be good.

There is a mythological statement that out of 60 daughters of Daksha Prajapati, 13 were married to Maharishi Kashyap and all the living beings on earth are the children of Kashyap. 27 girls were married to the moon. These are the constellations in front of which the moon moves while staying in its orbit. The moon was most fascinated by Rohini. Rohini is like this. Then the man does not care about the age. In the opposite direction, Jyeshtha is also like this. Excellent and perfect lover. But no one else has the power to expand and universalize her web of illusions in Rohini.

When all the other moon wives complained to Daksha Prajapati except his other 26 daughters i.e. Rohini, Daksha Prajapati got angry on the moon and explained to the moon. But where was the moon to be believed? Daksha Prajapati cursed the moon to decay. The world became dark. There was a huge impact on the earth. All the sages, sages and deities went to Lord Brahma. All the deities including Brahma then went to Shiva. Shivji said that there will be a little remedy. But the curse will have to bear some fruit. On the orders of Shiva, the severe penance that Moon had started by making Shivling, the name of that place is Somnath.

The partial result is that the moon moves towards full moon in Shukla Paksha but becomes weak in Krishna Paksha. In today’s date, such arts keep coming in the life of moon-dominated people. The transit of malefic planets in Rohini Nakshatra creates great disturbances.