Sadhana to Attain Lakshmi.

Deepawali: Sadhana to attain Lakshmi.

On the day of Deepawali, put small heaps of wheat on the right and left side of the main door of the house and light two lamps on it. If possible, keep them burning throughout the night, this will increase happiness and wealth in your house.

Oil and ghee should never be poured in an empty earthen lamp. Soak it in water for 6 hours, then use it. Foolish people spoil it by pouring ghee into a blank lamp.

🙏🏻 A very simple and only three-day use for the attainment of Lakshmi: From the day of Deepawali to Bhai Dooj, in a clean room, lighting a lamp with incense sticks or incense (not chemically made from cow dung), wearing yellow clothes on the body. After doing the tilak of saffron on the forehead, with a garland made of crystal beads, chant two garlands of the following mantra daily in the morning.

namo bhagyalakshmiyi cha vid mahai.
Ashtalakshmyai cha dhimahi. Tanno Lakshmi: Prachodayat.

Ashoka tree and neem leaves have immunity power. It is auspicious to tie a pylon (bandanawar) to the leaves of neem, mango, Ashok etc. above the entrance.