SatyaNarayan Pooja Samagri List and Arrangements

Once the date of Satyanarayana Pooja is decided, the devotees must prepare a list of items required to perform this ritual successfully. It is very important to make necessary arrangements at least a day before the puja so that nothing is left out. Puja items can be bought from Ram Shyam Pooja Samagri Store Online.

Pooja Samagri for Satya Narayan Puja:

Kumkum/ Roli Powder
Turmeric powder
Rangoli / Abir / Gulal
Incense stick
30 Betel Nuts
2 Coconuts
Dry Pancha Mava
5 almonds
Flowers to be offered (Lot of Flowers)
One thousand Basil leaves (Desi Plant)
Banana tree for pavilion
A square shaped wooden seat for the Idols and Photo Frame to sit on
2 Copper Lota
2 Trays
1 Pitambari
Mixture of curd, milk, honey, ghee and sugar to prepare Panchamrita
Sandalwood Paste
Akshat, or rice grains with Turmeric Powder
Sandalwood Sticks
2 Flower Garlands
Worship bell
A piece of ew cloth
Ghee Lamp
Oil lamp
1 kg Raw Rice
1 kg Bombay Rava for Preparation of Halwa
Coconut of number 6 after completing each chapter of Satyanarayan Katha
Halwa/Sira – A specially prepared prasad offered to the deity, prepared by mixing Bombay Rava(Semolina), sugar, Semolina with milk. Optional garnishings can be added to the prasadam, such as crushed coconut, cherries, cashews, raisins etc.