Seventh Day of Sharadiya Navratri – Durga Pooja

Sharadiya Navratri
Offer jaggery to Mother Durga on the seventh day of Navratri i.e. on the seventh day of Navratri. By this every wish can be fulfilled.

Maa Kalratri Destroys Enemies
Kalratri is the seventh form of Mahashakti Maa Durga. Mother Kalratri is the destroyer of time, that is why she is called Kalratri. At the time of worshiping Maa Kalratri, the devotee should fix his mind on Bhanu Chakra, which is the center of the head. As a result of this worship, the powers of Bhanu Chakra are awakened. Devotion to Maa Kalratri destroys all kinds of fear in our mind. Every problem of life gets the power to solve it in a moment. Mother Kalratri, the destroyer of enemies, gives victory to her devotees in every situation.