Shadow Donation, Financial Trouble, Cow Urin Paan

Shadow Donation

Take mustard oil in a vessel on the day of Shani Amavasya. Put a coin of one rupee in it and then after seeing the shadow of your face in the oil, donate that oil. Do this work regularly every Saturday. This remedy is very effective to get rid of inauspicious effects of Saturn.

If you have financial trouble
In whose house there is always a lack of money, there is poverty – it is told in the Varaha Purana that in Margashirsha month Shukla Paksha Pratipada (on Sunday 05 December 2021) chant some names of Lord Vishnu early in the morning …. by lighting a lamp etc. And do mental worship:

vaishva naraya namah
Agneye Namah
Haveer Bhuje Namah
Dravinodaya Namah
Samvaratay Namah
Jvalnay Namah

Special Cow Urine Paan in Winter
Along with the confirmation of the body, purification is also necessary. Cow urine expels the deformed doshas located in the subtle and subtle sources of the body through excreta. The carbolic acid present in it destroys germs and harmful bacteria. This helps in eradicating the diseases completely. The gold bases contained in cow urine act as chemicals. Therefore, both purification and confirmation of the body are completed through cow urine.

Intake method: 25 to 40 ml in the morning. (Children 10–15 ml) Filter the cow urine with a cloth and drink it seven times. After this do not take anything for 2-3 hours. The urine of a Tamravarni cow or a calf is considered the best.
Special: 10-15 ml in cow urine in the morning. Drinking Giloy juice (or 2-3 grams of powder) mixed with it is an excellent chemical.

Use Gojharan Ark if fresh cow urine is not available. 10–12 ml (Children 5–10 ml) Mix water in Gojharan extract and take.