Sharad Purnima Celebrations

May the night of Sharad Poonam bring peace, health

Ashwin Purnima is called ‘Sharad Purnima’. Ras-Utsav and Kojagar Vrat are observed on this day. On the night of Sharad Purnima, Lord Krishna called the gopis to him by playing a flute and made him drink the divine nectar. Therefore, the night of Sharad Purnima has special significance. On this night, the moon showers the nectar of coolness, nourishing power and peace on the earth with its full phases.

What to do, what not to do on the night of Sharad Poonam?
From Dussehra to Sharad Poonam, there are special beneficial juices, beneficial rays in the moonlight of the moon. Take advantage of the moonlight these days, so that you remain healthy and happy throughout the year. To increase eyesight, do tratak on the moon for 15 to 20 minutes every night from Dussehra to Sharad Purnima.

Ashwini Kumar is the physician of the gods. To strengthen the senses that have become relaxed, keep kheer in the moonlight and offer it to the Lord and pray to the Ashwini Kumars to ‘increase the strength of our senses.’ Then eat that kheer.

The practice of threading a needle on this night increases eyesight.
Sharad Poonam is a boon day for those with asthma. Free medicines are available in their ashrams, eat it mixed with kheer kept in the moonlight and do not sleep at night. Asthma will pass.

If the moonlight of the moon falls on the navel of a pregnant woman, the pregnancy is confirmed. The moonlight of Sharad Poonam has its own importance, but the moonlight of the moon for twelve months strengthens the fetus and medicines.

On the new moon and full moon, due to the special effect of the moon, there is a tide in the sea. When the moon makes such great disturbances in the sea, then the water part, the seven metals, the seven colors in our body, are also affected by the moon. In these days, if one suffers sex-disorder, he becomes a disabled child or a fatal disease, and if one does fasting, fasting and satsang, then the body becomes healthy, the mind is happy and the light of the giver of wisdom comes in the intellect.

Make Kheer Amritmay Prasad Kheer is called Rasraj. Sitaji was kept in Ashok Vatika. What will Sita eat from Ravana’s house? So Indra Dev used to send them kheer.

While making kheer, there are utensils made of silver glass etc. in the house, nowadays they are made of metal (metal) and they give it in the name of silver, they are not, put real silver utensils or real gold in the kheer, then put silver or silver in it. Golden letters will come. If you make kheer in an iron pan or a pan, then the iron element will also come in it. You can add cardamom, dates or dates, but almonds, cashews, pistachios, charoli will be heavy to digest at night. Kheer kept in the moonlight by covering it with a fine cloth at 8 o’clock in the night, around 11 o’clock should be offered to God and eaten in the form of prasad. But eat late at night, so eat a little less and hand over a spoonful to me before eating. Opening one’s mouth and feeling: ‘Take my lord! You should also enjoy it.’ And if there is little left then keep it in the fridge. You can eat hot in the morning.

  • (Kheer milk, rice, sugar candy, silver, moonlight – these are made of five whites, so the morning is not considered stale.