Story of Til Chauth

Devrani Jethani lived in a city. Jethani was rich and Devrani was poor. Devrani was a devotee of Ganesha. Devrani’s husband used to sell wood cut from the forest and was often ill. Devrani used to do all the work of Jethani’s house and in return Jethani used to give leftover food, old clothes etc. to him. Due to this the family of Devrani was running.

In the month of Magh, Devrani observed the fast of Til Chauth. Tilakutta was made by bringing five rupees sesame and jaggery. The story of Til Chauth by worshiping

(The story of Til Chauth) listened and put Tilakutta in a sneeze and thought that when the moon rises first Tilakutta will eat and only after that.

Hearing the story, she went to Jethani’s place. After preparing food and asking Jethani’s children to eat food, the children said that mother has fasted and mother is hungry. When mother will eat food, we will eat only then. When Jethani was asked to eat food, Jethaji said, “I will not eat alone, when the moon comes out, everyone will eat, then I will also eat.” Jethani told him that today no one has eaten food yet, how should I give it to you in the morning Taking away food

At the house of Devrani, husband and children were all expecting that today is a festival, so some dishes etc. will be available to eat. But when the children came to know that today they will not even get bread, then the children started crying. Her husband also got very angry and started saying that even after working all day, she cannot bring two rotis, then why do you work? The husband got angry and hit the wife with the washcloth to wash the clothes and if the wash was left out of hand, then hit her with a pat. She slept after drinking water while weeping, remembering poor Ganesh ji.

On that day Ganesh ji came in Devrani’s dream and started saying “Dhowane mari pate mari is sleeping or awake” she said “something I am sleeping, some am awake”

Ganesh ji said, “I am hungry, give something to eat” Devrani said, “What should I give, there is not even a grain of food in my house”

Jethani used to give left over food, even today he did not get it. The remaining sesame kutta of worship is lying in sneezing, eat the same after eating the tilkutta, Ganesh ji said – “Dhovane mari pate mari nimtai hai, where she nimte” she said “this is the house, take it wherever you want” then Ganesh ji Said “Where do I wipe now:

Now Devrani got very angry that when she is being harassed, so she said, “Wipe my head and where will you wipe it” Bindayakji had wiped out, there were sparkling diamond vaccines and dots.

That day Devrani did not go to Jethani’s work. After looking for a long time, Jethani sent the children to call Devrani. Jethani thought that she did not give food yesterday, that’s why maybe Devrani has felt bad. The children went to call and said Auntie, Mother has called, all the work is done, even if any opportunity is missed in the world, Devrani Jethani does not miss the opportunity to talk amongst themselves.

Devrani said, “Son, you have worked with your mother for a long time, now you send your mother to work for me.” Jethani came running to Devrani and asked how all this happened? Devrani told everything that happened to her.

Returning home, Jethani told her husband that you should wash me and beat me with a patty. Her husband said that well, I have never even raised my hand on you. How can I kill you with a washcloth and pate? She did not agree and started insisting. Her husband was forced to kill her. She made churma by pouring a lot of ghee and kept it in sneeze and slept. At night, Chauth Vindayak ji came in a dream and said, “I am hungry, what should I eat?”

Jethani said, “O Lord Ganesha, you had eaten tilkutta full of dry churma at my godmother’s place, I have made churma of ghee and kept it in my sneeze for you, I have also kept fruits and nuts and eat whatever you want” said Ganesh ji. “Where to settle now”

Jethani said, “He had a broken hut here, I have Kanchan’s palaces where you want to settle.” Then Ganesh ji asked, “Where is the wipe now?”

Jethani said, “Put a big dot on my forehead and wipe it.” Jethani, hungry for money, got up very early in the morning. Thought the house must have been filled with diamonds and jewels, but when I saw that the whole house was full of filth, there was a strong smell. There was a lot of dirt on his head too. He said, “O Lord Ganesha, what have you done?

Got angry with me and broke on the devarani. Jethani tried very hard to clean the house and the house, but when the filth kept spreading more and more Jethani’s husband came to know about it and he also got very angry and said that you had everything, yet your heart was not filled.

Getting upset started pleading for help from Bindayak ji (Ganesh ji) of Chauth. Bindayak ji said, “It is the result of what you did because of jealousy with the devarani. Now you will give half of your wealth to him, then it will all be clear.

He distributed half the money, but a pot of seals was kept deep under the stove. He thought that no one would know and he did not distribute that money. He said “O Chauth Binda
Yak ji, now collect this scattering of yours.” He said, first of all, along with the hand of the seals buried under the stove, make a row of two needles kept in the side. In this way Bindayakji covered his illusion by getting even a small thing like a needle divided.*

O Lord Ganesha, do the same to everyone as you have bestowed on Devrani. Blessings to all the story tellers, listeners and hooters. But don’t give the same punishment to Jethani.

Om Ganeshaya Namah