Today’s Hindu Calendar 06/06/2022, Heaps of Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Today’s Hindu Calendar

⛅Date 06 June
⛅Day – Monday
⛅Vikram Samvat –
⛅Shaka Samvat –
⛅Ayana – Uttarayana
⛅Season – Summer
⛅Month – Jyeshta
⛅Paksha – Shukla
⛅Date – Sixty till 06:39 am then Seventh
⛅Naksatra – Magha till 02:26 pm then Purvaphalguni
⛅Yoga – Harshan ( 07 June AM 04:53) till Vajra
⛅Rahu – 07:35 to 09:16 am
⛅Sunrise – 05:5
⛅Sunset – 07:2
⛅Dishashul – in the west direction
⛅Brahma Muhurt- 04:29 to 05:11 am
⛅Nishita Muhurt – 12.17 to 12:59 pm
⛅Vrat Festival Details-
⛅ Special – Sixth neem leaf, fruit or toothpaste in the mouth of the lower vagina is achieved. Eating palm fruit on the seventh day increases the disease. The body is destroyed. (Brahma Vaivartha Purana, Brahma Khanda 27.29-34)

🌹Strength, wisdom and nourishing pumpkin seeds

Cooked pumpkin (kumhra or petha) is like tridoshashamak and nectar. Its seeds are as beneficial as almonds. It is nutritious, strength-enhancing, retention, calming the brain and deworming. They are rich in zinc. They can be baked over low heat or added to desserts, cold drinks, vegetables or other dishes.

They can also be ground and mixed with a spoonful of milk.

🔹Heaps of benefits of pumpkin-seeds🔹

👉 (1) For the heart: Pumpkin seeds daily consumption of magnesium in the body is completed. This keeps the heart healthy and blood pressure (B.P.) under control.

👉 (2) Immune booster: The zinc found in these increases the power to fight diseases.

👉 (3) For semen increase: Pumpkin seeds are beneficial for men to consume semen.

👉 (4) To bring sleep: If you have problems with insomnia, pumpkin seeds with milk before going to bed to reduce stress and sleep well.

👉 (5) To increase strength and intelligence: Boil pumpkin and fry it in ghee to make halwa. Add roasted pumpkin seeds and eat.