Todays Hindu Panchang 05/05/2022, Remedies to Overcome the Lack of Wealth and Health

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 05 May 2022
Day – *Thursday
Vikram Samvat – 2079 (Gujarat-2078)
Shaka Samvat -1944
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – summer
month – Vaishakh
Paksha – Shukla
Tithi – Chaturthi till 10:00 am, then Panchami
Nakshatra – Mrigashira Ardra till 06:17 in the morning
Yoga – Sukarma till 06:07 after that Dhriti
Rahukaal – 02:13 pm to 03:50 pm
Sunrise – 06:7
Sunset – 19:03
Dishashul in the south direction

Vrat festival details –
Special – Eating radish on Chaturthi destroys wealth. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

To Overcome the Lack of Wealth and Health
🙏🏻 For those people in whose house there is a constant feeling of lack of money and health, there is also a shortage of money and sometimes someone is sick in health and sometimes someone is sick, for them it has been told in Padma Purana – An experiment of Vaishakh month | Much glory has been told about the month of Vaishakh. The Saptami of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month is called Sugar Saptami in Padma Purana and that Sugar Saptami is on Sunday 08 May 2022. On that day, mix White Sesame in water and take bath while doing Lord’s name. Then face the Sun God and bow to Suryadev and Mother Gayatri. Salute the Sun God with these mantras-
Namah: Savitre | Om Namah: Savitre | Om Namah: Savitre |
Vishwa Dev Mayo Yasmat Vedavadi Ti Pathyase |
Tvameva mritsarvasva mat: pahi sanatan ||
By chanting this mantra, salute Suryanarayana and other deities in your heart. Arghya is given A person who does not offer Arghya to the Sun God is not fit to be called a Hindu.
done this 08 May 2022 on Sunday and then on 09th May 2022, if possible on Monday, then make milk rice pudding with your hands and add some ghee to it. Feed 1-2 persons. Some may be a Brahmin, some may be a sage-Mahatma. With kheer, give some roti and vegetable to any one person.

If Brahmin is not found, if no monk is found, then feed small girls. It is good even if you feed the girl. By doing this, both wealth and health increase.

For the growth of happiness and health on Vaishakh Shukla Saptami, this Saptami has also been called ‘Kamal Saptami’ in Padma Purana. If possible, if one lotus flower is found on that day, then fill the lotus with water and put the lotus flower in the lotus and offer Arghya to the Sun God. If lotus is not available then you can put Akshat instead of lotus. The people of Kum-Kum took the Akshat and put it in the lotus because in Vedic rituals there is a law to take Akshat at that place whichever is not available. This is the great mercy of the books of our country on us. Lord Ved Vyasji, the author of the texts, also has a great blessing on us. In this pilgrimage place, we also worship Lord Vedavyasji again and again. So if lotus is not found then rice is always there in everyone’s house. Put the rice with Kum-Kum in the pot and while giving water to the Sun God, you will say these mantras, saying everything together –
Namaste Padma Hastay Namaste World Dharane ||
Divakar Namastubhayam Prabhakar Namostute ||
Take great advantage of Vaishakh Shukla Saptami and chant the Guru Mantra a lot on that day.

In the Bhavishyottara Purana, the Saptami of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month is also called ‘Nimba Saptami’. On that day after worshiping the Sun God and eating neem leaves, then one gets freedom from diseases. Those who have diseases in their body, there is any problem of stomach, headache and that fucking is not going away, that problem is troubling you a lot, then by offering arghya to the Sun God on Vaishakh Shukla Saptami, neem leaves. Eat neem leaves while chanting the mantra. By chanting this mantra, eating neem leaves can lead to health, we should do it firmly.

Nowadays people babble in English but the language of God is Sanskrit. It should have been spoken in the house, but now you and I cannot speak in Sanskrit, then at least if we do these rules while speaking the Vedic-mythological mantras of Sanskrit, then happiness and peace increases in the house too.
Nimba Pallava Bhadranate Subhadram Testuvai Sad.
Mamapi Kuru Bhadram Vai Trashnad Roga: Bhava ||
Saying this, eat neem leaves. Eat after washing soft and soft and if possible on that day, then at night lay the bed on the earth and rest on it by laying blankets etc. Those who have any disease should do this.