Todays Hindu Panchang 12/09/2022, Shradh Special, Pitra Paksha

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 12 September 2022
️ Day – Monday
️ Vikram Samvat – 2079 (Gujarat-2078)
️ Shaka Samvat-1944
️ Ayan – Dakshinayana
️ Season – Autumn tu
️ Month – Ashwin (Bhadrapada according to Gujarat and Maharashtra)
️ Paksha – Krishna
️ Tithi – Dwitiya till 11:35 am after that Tritiya
️ Nakshatra – Uttar Bhadrapada till 06:59 in the morning, then Revathi
️ Yoga – Gand increase till 09:32 in the morning after that
️ Rahukaal – 07:57 am to 09:30 am
Sunrise – 06:26
️ Sunset – 18:43
Dishashul – in the east direction
Vrat Parva Details – Shradh of Tritiya
Special – It is prohibited to eat Brihati (small brinjal or Katehri) on the second day. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

Shradh Special
By offering Ardhya to the Sun God through this mantra in the ancestors’ ancestors, Yamraj is pleased and sends the ancestors to a good place.
Om Dharmarajaya Namah.
Om Mahakalay Namah.
Om Mrityuma Namah.
Om Danavendra Namah.
Om Anantaya Namah.

Pitra Paksha
According to religious texts, the souls of ancestors get peace by performing Shradh according to law. If seen in the present time, money is needed to perform Shradh rituals in a lawful manner. Without money, rituals cannot be performed. In such a situation, due to Pitra Dosh, many types of problems remain in life. According to the Puranas, in such a situation, by expressing reverence for the ancestors, even by taking some simple measures, the ancestors are satisfied.

If you are not able to do Shradh, then do any one of these remedies, there will be no Pitra Dosh
Place a lamp of pure ghee every evening in the place where you keep drinking water. With this, the blessings of fathers will always remain on you. Keep in mind that never keep dirty utensils there.
Make 5 balls of rice flour on the day of Sarva Pitru Amavasya and wrap it in a red cloth and throw it in the river.

Burning a dung made of cow dung, mix ghee, Jow (Barley), sesame and rice with Gugggle on it and make incense in the house.

Donate some dakshina (rupees) along with white sesame seeds to any temple of Lord Vishnu.
Mix raw milk, barley, sesame and rice and throw it in the river. If you do this remedy at sunrise, then it will be good.

Offer food to Brahmins in Shradh or donate material in which flour, fruits, jaggery, vegetables and dakshina.

If you cannot perform Shradh, then offer black sesame seeds in a river and do tarpan. This also reduces Pitra Dosh.

The ancestors are pleased by donating a handful of black sesame seeds to a learned brahmin on the Shradh Paksha.

Remembering the ancestors and feeding green fodder to the cow during Shradh Paksha. Due to this, the father becomes happy and satisfied.

Pray to Suryadev that you offer obeisances to my ancestors and satisfy them.