Today’s Hindu Panchang 14/04/2022 | Vastu Shastra | Hanuman Jayanti

Today’s Hindu Panchang
Date – 14 April 2022
Day – Thursday
Vikram Samvat – 2079 (Gujarat-2078)
Shaka Samvat-1944
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – spring
Month – Chaitra
Paksha – Shukla
Date – Trayodashi April 15 till 03:55 am, then Chaturdashi
Nakshatra – Poorva Phalguni till 09:56 in the morning and then Uttaraphalguni
Yoga – rise till 09:52 am after that Dhruva
Rahukaal – 02:14 pm to 03:48 pm
Sunrise – 06:21
Sunset – 18:56
Dishashul – in the south direction
Vrat festival details – Anang Trayodashi, Sankranti (punyakal sunrise to 12:42 pm)
Special – Eating brinjal on Trayodashi destroys the son. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

Vastu Shastra
If there are pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the house, then many problems in the house are removed and happiness and peace remain in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, putting a picture of Hanuman ji in the house gives many benefits. If Hanumanji’s picture is placed in the right direction in the right direction according to the rules of Vastu in the house, then there can be many benefits.

1⃣ Hanumanji is a child brahmachari, so his picture should not be put in the bedroom. The picture of Hanumanji placed in the bedroom does not give auspicious results.
2⃣ It is considered best to place the picture of Lord Hanumanji in the south direction in the house or shop. Because Hanumanji had shown the use of his powers towards the south.
3⃣ It is best to put a picture of Hanumanji in the house while lifting Panchmukhi, mountain or doing Ram Bhajan. This eliminates all the defects of the house.
4 Hanumanji stops every negative energy coming from the south direction when Hanumanji’s picture is placed in the north direction. This keeps happiness and prosperity in the house.
5⃣ The form in which Hanumanji is displaying his power. By putting such a picture in the house, no evil power can enter the house.
6⃣ Vermilion must be applied on the picture of Hanumanji. If not able to do this, only tilak of vermilion can be done. With this all the wishes are definitely fulfilled.

Hanuman Jayanti
In the religious texts, 12 names of Hanuman have been mentioned, through which he is praised. According to Shri Hanuman issue published by GitaPress Gorakhpur, one who recites these 12 names of Hanumanji before sleeping at night and waking up in the morning or before starting the journey, all his fears are removed and he gets all the happiness in his life. Huh. He achieves many achievements in his life. The 12-named praise of Hanumanji is as follows-

HanumanAnjanisoonurvayuputro Mahabal:.
Rameshta: Phalgunasakh: Pingakshoamitvikram: ..
Uddhikramanschev SitashokVinashan:.
Lakshmanpranadata cha Dashgrivasya Darpaha.
And the twelfth namani kapindrasya mahatmanah.
Swapakale Prabodhe Cha Yatrakale Chaya: Pathet.
Tasya sarvabhayam nasti rane cha victorious bhavet.
Rajdwara Gahware Cha Bhayan Nasti Kadachan.

Hanumanji is praised by these 12 names, know his glory
1. Hanuman

Hanumanji got this name because once in anger, Devraj Indra had struck his thunderbolt on him, this thunderbolt fell directly on his chin (Hanu). He was named Hanuman because of the thunderbolt attack on Hanuman.

2. Lakshmana Pranadata
When Ravana’s son Indrajit had made Lakshman unconscious by using power, Hanumanji brought Sanjeevani Booti. Lakshman came to his senses due to the effect of the same herb. That is why Hanumanji is also called Lakshmana Pranadata.

3. Dashgrivadarpaha
Dashagriva means Ravana and Darpaha means vandalism breaker. Hanumanji went to Lanka and found Sita Mata, killed Ravana’s son Akshay Kumar and also set Lanka on fire. In this way Hanuman broke Ravana’s pride many times. That’s why one of his names is also famous.

4. Ramesh
Hanuman is the ultimate devotee of Lord Shri Ram. It is described in many places in religious texts that Shri Ram has considered Hanuman as his beloved. Due to being dear to Lord Shri Ram, one of his names is also Rameshta.

5. Falgunsukh
According to the Mahabharata, Phalguna is also a name of Pandu’s son Arjuna. At the time of the battle, Hanumanji was seated on the flag of Arjuna’s chariot. Thus he helped Arjuna. He is called Arjuna’s friend because of his help. Falgun Sukh means friend of Arjuna.

6. Pingaksha
Pingaksha means brown-eyed. Hanumanji is described in many religious texts. In it, Hanumanji is described as having brown eyes. Hence one of his names is also Pingaksha.

7. Amitvikram
Vikram means mighty and Amit means very much. Hanumanji, on the strength of his might, did many such works, which were difficult even for the gods to do. That is why he is also called Amitavikram.

8. Ascendancy
Uddhikraman means one who transcends the ocean. Hanuman ji had crossed the ocean while searching for Sita Mata. That’s why they also have a name.

9. Anjanesut
Anjanisut, a name of Hanumanji, is also famous because of being the son of Mother Anjani.

10. Vayuputra
One of the names of Hanumanji is Vayuputra. Due to being the son of Pawandev, he is also called Vayuputra.

11. Mahabal
There is no limit to the power of Hanumanji. That is why one of his names is also Mahabal.

12. Sitashokvination