Todays Hindu Panchang 15/06/2022, Shadashiti Sankranti

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date 15 June 2022
Day – Wednesday
Vikram Samvat – 2079
Ashka Samvat – 1944
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – summer
Month – Ashadh
Paksha – Krishna
Tithi – Pratipada till 01:31 after that Dwitiya
Constellation – Original till 03:33 after that Purvashadha
Yoga-Shukla night till 01:15 after that Brahma
Rahu Kaal – 12:40 pm to 02:22 pm
Sunrise – 05:54
Sunset – 07:26
Disha Shool – in the north direction
Brahma Muhurta – 04:30 am to 05:12 am
Nishita Muhurta – 12.19 pm to 01:01 pm
Vrat festival details – Shadshiti Sankranti
Special – Do not eat Kushmand (Kumhda, Petha) on Pratipada, because it is the destroyer of wealth.
(Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-38)
According to astrology, the planets Jupiter and Venus are responsible for marriage. If both these planets are strong then there will be no problem in marriage. Apart from this, due to Saturn, Mars and Sun also there is some hindrance in marriage. In this case, these measures can be adopted. With this, every obstacle coming in the marriage will end.
If there is delay in marriage, then follow these measures
For marriage, the boy and the girl go to the temple of Lord Shiva and worship him along with Mother Parvati. You will get benefit from this.
If girls want, they can keep fast on 16 Mondays according to law and worship Goddess Parvati and Shiva with fasting.
People who are not getting married. Those people can also keep a fast of Lord Jupiter on Thursday. On this day, keep a fast remembering the Lord throughout the day and offer jaggery and gram to the Lord after reading the fast story in the evening. Along with this, apply yellow flowers and sandalwood. Keep in mind that during the day, take food only in the evening. But there should be no salt in it.
Six Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn to get rid of marriage related problems. You will get benefit from this.
On Monday, donate one and a half liters of milk and 200 grams of gram dal to any needy. Both boys and girls can do this remedy.
The boy and the girl should bathe every Thursday by adding a little turmeric to the bathing water.
Donate yellow things on Thursday. Even this makes marriage yoga faster.
If there are Manglik defects in the horoscope, then worship Hanuman ji for this. You will get benefit from this. For this, worship Lord Hanuman by keeping a fast on Tuesday and offer laddus made of wheat flour and jaggery in the bhog. Along with this, offer vermilion.
Shadashiti Sankranti: 15th June 2022 (Punyakal: 12-05 pm to 06-29 pm)

The fruits of chanting, meditation and virtuous deeds done during Shadshiti Sankranti are 86000 thousand times. -Padma Purana

Vidyalabh Yoga – 16th and 17th June 2022
(All over India except Gujarat and Maharashtra)

Mantra for learning: ‘Om Hreem Shrim Kleem Vagvadini Saraswati Mam Jihwagre Vad Vad Om Hreem Shrim Kleem Namah Swaha.’

Chant this mantra 108 times on 16th June 2022 from 12:37 pm to 11:45 pm or on 17th June 2022 from 3 am to 9:56 am and then after the mantra chanting on the same day between 11 to 12 pm, apply ‘Hreen’ with red sandalwood on the tongue. Write a mantra.

Stay safe at home

At the time of Sankranti (when the Sun enters the next zodiac sign) in the house (except on Sundays), sprinkling cow urine or cow urine extract mixed with water keeps the house safe in every way. Love remains between all the members in the house.