Today’s Hindu Panchang 16-03-2022, For Success in Business, Holi

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 16 March 2022
Day – Wednesday
Vikram Samvat – 2078
Shaka Samvat -1943
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – spring
month – falgun
Paksha – Shukla
Tithi – Trayodashi till 01:39 pm, then Chaturdashi
Nakshatra – Magha night till 12:21 after that Purva Phalguni
Yoga – Dhriti March 17th till 02:39 pm after that shool
Rahukaal – afternoon 12:47 to 02:18 pm
Sunrise – 06:47
Sunset – 18:47
Dishashul – in the north direction

  • Vrat festival details –
    *Special – Trayodashi

For Success in Business
If you do not get good luck in business, then take cow’s dust and apply it on your forehead and go to business.

Mantra – Safalya Day: Holi
Chanting done on the day of Holi is lakh times fruitful. This is Safalya-Day, not a day to wander like wanderers. Staying silent, fasting, eating fruits and chanting your own gurumantra.

Whatever reason you chant on this day, it will be proven. Chanting to get God Increase the earning of chanting the name so that again it does not have to hang upside down in the mother’s womb. Don’t fall down the drain by passing urine. Lala to get engaged on the day of Holi – Laaliyas! Make a few rosaries of health mantra too.

achyutaanantagovind naamochchaaranabheshajaat |

Nashyanti sakala roga: satyan satyan vadaamyaham ||

‘ Oh good one! O infinite! Oh Govinda! – All diseases are destroyed by this chanting medicine, I say this truth, I say the truth.’ (Dhanvantari Maharaj)

Breathing through both the nostrils and holding it for about one and a half to one and a half minutes, repeat it in your mind.

Nasai disease harai sab pira | Chanting continuously Hanumant Bira ||

Then hold the breath out for 50 to 60 seconds and repeat the mantra. Taking advantage of chanting and meditation on this day, business will continue to happen. Sit in your room after sprinkling some Ganges Water by wiping it with mixed water. If possible, take a bath after mixing Gojharan on this day. Taking a bath by rubbing curd of a cow who wishes to keep Lakshmi permanent. But the real element is always permanent, mix your ‘I’ in it, that’s it, work is done!

Chanting of the mantra “Om Aryamayai Namah” is very important for helping in the observance of celibacy.