Today’s Hindu Panchang 21/03/2022, Know on Which Day the Effect of Cutting Nails, Beard and Hair

Today’s Hindu Panchang
Date – 21 March 2022
Day – Monday
Vikram Samvat – 2078
Shaka Samvat -1943
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – spring
month – Chaitra
Paksha – Krishna
Date – Tritiya till 08:20 in the morning, then Chaturthi
Nakshatra – Swati night till 09:31 after that Visakha
Yoga-Vayagat till 03:55 pm, followed by Harshaan
Rahukaal – 08:13 am to 09:44 am
Sunrise – 06:43
Sunset – 18:48
Dishashul – in the east direction
*Special – Tritiya

If you are Troubled by Discord, Money-Loss and Disease-Obstacles
If there is trouble in the house due to discordant environment, money-loss and disease-obstacles, then you should keep a broom of peacock feathers or peacock feathers in the place of worship in your house.
After the regular rule, chanting the Lord’s name or Gurumantra in mind, move this feather or broom in circular motion in each room and around the patient.
Do kirtan of ‘Om Car’ for sometime. By doing this all kinds of negative energy ends and the effect of upper and evil forces also goes away.

According to Astrology Book Muhurta Chintamani
There are many beliefs and traditions related to daily life in Hinduism. One such belief is related to nails, beard and haircut. It is believed that there are some days of the week when getting nails, beard and hair cut is not considered auspicious in our religious texts, while on the contrary some days are considered auspicious for these works. Let us know what the scriptures say….

According to the astrology book Muhurta Chintamani, know on which day the effect of cutting nails, beard and hair is

  1. Monday
    Soma is related to Moon, so cutting hair or nails on Monday is not considered good for mental health and health of children.
  2. Tuesday
    Getting a haircut and beard on Tuesday is considered to reduce age.
  3. Wednesday
    On Wednesday, cutting nails and hair keeps the house blessed and Lakshmi arrives.
  4. Thursday
    Thursday is considered as the attack of Lord Vishnu. Cutting hair on this day causes loss of Lakshmi and loss of respect.
  5. Friday
    Venus is considered a symbol of glamor. It is auspicious to cut hair and nails on this day. It brings profit, wealth and fame.
  6. Saturday
    Saturday is inauspicious for haircut, it is believed to be the cause of early death.
  7. Sunday
    Haircut on Sunday is not considered good. In the discipline festival of Mahabharata, it has been told that this is the attack of the sun, it destroys wealth, intelligence and religion.