Today’s Hindu Panchang 22/02/2023, Basic Facts of Indian Culture

Today’s Hindu Panchang
⛅ Date – 22 February 2023
⛅ Day – Wednesday
⛅ Vikram Samvat – 2079
⛅Shak Samvat – 1944
⛅Ayan – Uttarayan
⛅Season – Spring
⛅ Mass – Falgun
⛅ Paksha – Shukla
⛅ Date – Tritiya till 03:24 am on February 23, then Chaturthi
⛅ Nakshatra – Purvabhadrapada till 09:00 am on February 23 and then Uttarbhadrapada
⛅ Yoga – Sadhya till 11:47 pm and then auspicious
⛅ Rahu Kaal – from 12:53 to 02:20 in the afternoon
⛅Sunrise – 07:07
⛅Sunset – 06:39
⛅Disha Shool – in the north direction
⛅Brahmamuhurt – 05:28 to 06:18 in the morning
⛅ Nishita Muhurta – 12:28 to 01:17 in the night
⛅Vrat festival details –
⛅ Special – Eating Parwal on Tritiya is going to increase the enemies. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Brahma Khanda: 27.29-34)

🔹 For the attainment of Lakshmi and happiness and peace in the house 🔹

🔸 Daily circumambulation of Tulsi-pot helps in attaining Lakshmi.

🔸 Recite Bhagavad Gita by putting some basil leaves in water and keeping it in front of you. Then all the people of the house together chant the name of God and use humor and everyone should take that holy water. By using this, the quarrels in the house are removed, the alcohol of the drunkard is released and there is happiness and peace in the house.

🔹Basic Facts of Indian Culture🔹

Panch Kosh: Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vigyanamaya, Anandamaya.

Five Mahabhutas: Earth, water, fire, sky, air.

Panch Prana: Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana, Samana.

Panch Klesha: Avidya, Asmita (pride), attachment, malice and abhinivesh (fear of death).

Shad Darshan: Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaiseshik, Purva Mimamsa, Uttara Mimamsa (Vedanta).

Six properties: Sham, Dum, Titiksha, Uparati, Shraddha, Samadhan.

🔹How does the development and destruction of intelligence happen?🔹

🔸 How does intelligence get destroyed and how does it grow? Students should be considered special, shouldn’t they? How is intelligence destroyed? Buddhiḥ śoken naśyati. Those who worry by remembering the things of the past, ‘This did not happen, that did not happen…’, their intellect gets destroyed. And ‘I will become like this by doing this, I will become like this…’ This thinking does not destroy the intellect but confuses the intellect. and ‘Who am I? Who is going to see happiness and sorrow? Childhood has passed, still who is the one who has not passed? Youth is changing, happiness and sorrow are changing, everything is changing, who am I to know this? Lord ! Tell me…’ This type of contemplation, searching for yourself a little, chanting the name of God and reading the scriptures – this will increase the intelligence in such a way that even the world’s famous intellectual will bow his head at his feet.

🔹4 ways to increase intelligence🔹

1] Reading of scripture

2] Bhagavannam-chanting, Bhagavad-meditation

3] Visiting holy places like ashrams

4] Satsang-Sannidhya of Brahmavetta Mahapurush

🔹 Chanting, meditation develops intelligence. Why should there be sorrow in every little thing? Why should you be influenced by every little thing? ‘This is found, that is found…’ If found then what!

🔹 Being more happy or sad is the work of a person with less intelligence. For example, if a child has less intelligence, then he becomes happy with a little chocolate, a little thing, and if a little thing is removed, he becomes sad. When he grows up, then what if the chocolate worth four annas comes, what if it goes away! Similarly, the one who considers himself lucky in the slightest convenience of the world, his intelligence does not develop and the one who considers himself unlucky in the slightest loss, his intelligence is killed. Hey ! It is all a dream, it comes and goes. The one who stays, the one who stays in that eternal element, his intelligence develops amazingly! To be equal in happiness and sorrow, in profit and loss, in honor and dishonor, the intellect will remain established in God and the established intellect will become great.