Todays Hindu Panchang 22/04/2022, Summer for Health Safety

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 22 Apr 2022
Day – Friday
Vikram Samvat – 2079
Ion – Uttarayan
Season – Summer Season
Mass – Vaishakh
Side – Krishna
Date – September after 08:42 in the morning
Nakshatra – Prasarada Night 08:14 After Surva
Yoga – Shiva in the morning 07:12
Rahukal – morning from 11:02 to 12:37
Sunrise – 06:15
Sunset – 18:59
Vrat Fiesta Description –

Summer for health safety
✅ What to do?
👉🏻 1] Those who have headaches and weakness are due to heat, they will give dry coriander in water and put it on the forehead. It will remove headache and weakness.
👉🏻 2] If the blood falls from the nose, add 2 – 2 drops of fresh soft double (durva) in the nose. This will stop hemorrhoid.
👉🏻 3] Mix soft water, sugar candy and a little ghee in Sattu. This is a big disk. Reduce food a little.
👉🏻 4] 25 – 35 mins in the middle. Took. Drink juice. For 21 days, then the weakness of the heart and brain will be overcome. (On Friday and Sunday, the intake is prohibited.)
👉🏻 5] 20 min Took. Answered juice, 10 grams of honey, 5 grams ghee – drink by mixing everyone, helps in raising force, intelligence, oz and age.
👉🏻 6] If the mouth has been thrown, then put the triphala powder in the water and suck sugar. This will calm down.
❌ Do not Do?
👉🏻 1] Do not eat ultra-labor, excessive workout, supernatural, overnight and heavy food. Do not use red chili and hot spices in food.
👉🏻 2] Summer should not eat yogurt forgotten. This is a barrier in the new vein and there are many diseases. If you eat curd, do not eat it straight, first take it to the math and eat the remaining part of the lassi or ahmilk. Keep in mind, curd is not sour.
👉🏻 * 3] Avoid Market Soft Dresses. Do not drink fridge water. Do not drink water immediately after sunlight.

If Obesity
If you are obesity, add 1 ripe big lemon juice and honey in hot water immediately after meals.
By taking basil leaves in the buttermilk, it is also relaxed in obesity.

👉🏻 If there is a boil, then mix the spinach + carrot + cucumber, take her juice or drink coconut water then the boil is relaxed in the pimple. *