Today’s Hindu Panchang 23/05/2022, Mantra to remove Ego, Worry and Useless thoughts

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date 23 May 2022
Day – Monday
Vikram Samvat – 2079
Ashka Samvat – 1944
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – summer
mas – eldest
Paksha – Krishna
Tithi – Ashtami till 11:34 in the morning, then Navami
Nakshatra – Shatabhisha night till 10:22, then Purvabhadrapada
Yoga – Validity till 01:06 after that Viskambh
Rahukal – from 07:36 to 09:16 in the morning
Sunrise – 05:56
Sunset – 07:17
Dishashul – in the east direction
Brahma Muhurta – from 04:31 to 05:13 in the morning
Nishita Muhurta – From 12.15 to 12:58 at night
Vrat festival details-
Special – Eating coconut fruit on Ashtami destroys the intellect. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)
The planet that gives success, respect, progress in career is Sun. To strengthen the Sun in the horoscope, offer Ardhya to the Sun every morning after taking a bath. If possible, put Roli, Akshat in water, it will give better results. Soon your career will shine and your income will also increase.
In Hinduism, Tulsi is considered as the form of Goddess Lakshmi. To become wealthy, the grace of Maa Lakshmi is necessary. So plant a Tulsi plant in the house and worship it daily. Take a bath every morning and offer water to Tulsi. Light a lamp in Tulsi coat in the evening. Do not forget to remove the lamp from the Tulsi coat after it cools down.

Mantra to remove ego, worry and useless thoughts

Ego, worry and vain contemplation swallow up the power of the seeker. Yogi Gorakhnathji has told a beautiful mantra to eradicate them. There is no law in this. Chant this mantra while sleeping at night, there is no insistence of numbers. With this mantra, the worry, tension, strain, problems of your mind will calm down quickly and the instrument – hymn will be blessed. It will seem a bit difficult to pronounce the mantra, but it will become easier if you remember it. External diseases can be eradicated by external medicine, but internal diseases will not be cured by external medicine and will not survive by this mantra.

This mantra is aimed at the purpose of our life-stream, life-force, and mind-power.

ॐ चित्तात्मिकां महाचित्तिं चित्तस्वरूपिणीं आराधयामि चित्तजान रोगान शमय शमय ठं ठं ठं स्वाहा ठं ठं ठं स्वाहा |

‘O chitttmika, great chitti, chittaswarupini! I worship you The world – Shakti Datri Bhagwati! You quell the diseases of my mind.

‘Tham’ is the seed mantra, it has a great effect. Some have greed, some have attachment, some have alcohol, some have egoism, some have the fault of boasting. The mind is full of defects, so there is worry, fear, anger, unrest and there is birth and death.

By its chanting, the primal power consciousness removes the defects of the mind, purifies the mind. Lie down straight, chant this. Use it till you fall asleep. When sleep comes, it will leave on its own. After sleeping at night, you will wake up healthy, fearless, happy in the morning.

If there are mantras of God and chanting lovingly considering God as your own, then the mind becomes divine by becoming divine. The dullness does not go away without the Bhagavadaras.

All diseases of Air

By grinding 1 to 2 grams of black pepper powder and 5 to 10 grams of garlic finely, always consuming it in the first gram of ghee and rice at the time of meal does not cause air disease.

Mixing 5 grams powder of dry ginger and 15 grams fenugreek in 5 teaspoons of Guduch (Giloy) juice, take morning and night, most of the air diseases end.

If the patient’s mouth has become crooked due to wind, then fry 2 to 10 buds of good quality garlic in oil and mix it with pure butter. .