Todays Hindu Panchang 24/05/2022, To be healthy and prosperous.

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date 24 May 2022
Day – Tuesday
Vikram Samvat – 2079
Ashka Samvat – 1944
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – summer
mas – eldest
Paksha – Krishna
Tithi – Navami till 10:45 in the morning, then Dashami
Nakshatra – Poorvabhadrapada till 10:33 pm and then Uttar Bhadrapada
Yoga – Vishkambh night till 01:06 after that Prati
Rahukal – from 03:57 to 05:37 in the evening
Sunrise – 05:56
Sunset – 07:18
Dishashul – in the north direction
Brahma Muhurta – from 04:30 to 05:13 in the morning
Nishita Muhurta – From 12.15 to 12:58 at night
Vrat festival details-
Special – Eating gourd on Navami is as discarded as beef. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

If the goods are not sold then..
There is a shop, the goods are lying. Even if it is not sold, it remains lying, then the goods which remain lying in the shop, keep it there at an angle between north and west. So Vayavya direction i.e. wind is the direction of God, so goods will be sold at the speed of wind.

To be Healthy and Prosperous.
Om Hum Vishnuve Namah
To become healthy and prosperous, chant this mantra a rosary daily, then health and wealth come.

Daughter’s Wedding
If there is any trouble, do not think that this suffering will last forever…
If daughter is not getting married then father should offer arghya to Surya Narayan with jaggery mixed water, daughter will get married soon….
If you chant this mantra “Om Hreem Gauriyaya Namah” facing north, then marriage will happen soon…

First use: Soaking 2 grams powder of Indian gooseberry in 1 liter of water, applying it and drinking the same water throughout the day is beneficial in scabies.
Second use: Mixing white wool ash with cow’s ghee and applying it on scabies is beneficial.
Third use: The paste of asphalt in old scabies (Vichirika) is the best medicine.
Tie the bandage by applying asphalt, after four days, open it and tie the bandage again. Tie three such straps. After tying the fourth bandage, open the bandage after a week, then the scabies will be completely eradicated.
🙏 From the book Arogyanidhi

Vastu Shastra
By eating food sitting in the kitchen instead of other places in the house, the effect of Rahu in the house is reduced and happiness and peace remain.

To Increase Prosperity
Except for Sunday, Saptami, Navami, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, in the rest of the days, applying amla juice on the body also increases the blessings in the house, put the milk of the native cow in the water. Those who say that there is no savings in our house, it will happen or if cow’s milk is not available early in the morning, then curd of cow’s milk is saved.