Today’s Hindu Panchang 9-2-2022, Orthopedic, To Escape the Ghosts

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 09 February 2022
Day – Wednesday
Vikram Samvat – 2078
Shaka Samvat -1943
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – winter
month – magh
Paksha – Shukla
Tithi – Ashtami till 08:32 in the morning, then Navami
Nakshatra – Krittika night till 12:23 after that Rohini
Yoga – Brahma till 05:52 pm After that Indra
Rahukaal – 12:53 pm to 02:18 pm
Sunrise – 07:13
Sunset – 18:32
Dishashul – in the north direction
Vrat Parv Details – Budhwari Ashtami (from sunrise to 08:32 in the morning)
Special – Eating coconut fruit on Ashtami destroys the intellect. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

Those whose bones are stuck, broken, teddy-crammed or those who have pain in their bones, it is very beneficial for them to consume garlic in the right amount in winter. Remove the peel of garlic and put it in sour buttermilk at night. Keep it soaked. In the morning, wash and grind and extract the juice. Mix 1 to 4 grams of juice with the same amount of sesame oil or ghee and drink it. Take the diet satvik, digestible.
Caution: Due to garlic being astringent, its consumption should be medicated even in sick condition.

To Escape the Ghosts
Wherever ghosts and vampires live, put a cow up there, the ghosts will automatically run away from the smell of the cow. If ghosts and ghosts live in someone’s house, then sprinkle cow dung or cow’s spring. Burn the cow’s stick, Put some cow’s ghee on it, you will run away automatically. If ghosts have entered a person, then make him sit in the same sunny room, the ghosts will run away.