Todays Hundu Panchang 23/03/2022, Remedy to remove Planetary Obstruction

Today’s Hindu Panchang

Date – 23 March 2022
Day – Wednesday
Vikram Samvat – 2078
Shaka Samvat -1943
Ayan – Uttarayan
season – spring
Month – Chaitra
Paksha – Krishna
Date – Shashti 24th March till 02:16, then Saptami
Nakshatra – Anuradha till 06:53 evening after that the firstborn
Yoga – thunderbolt till 10:20 in the morning thereafter siddhi
Rahukaal – 12:45 pm to 02:17 pm
Sunrise – 06:41
Sunset – 18:49
Dishashul – in the north direction
Vrat Parv Details – Sant Eknath Ji Jayanti
*Special – Shashthi

Crying Children
If children wake up and cry at night, while feeding/feeding milk etc., chant the Guru Mantra while moving their hands on the head, wear a garland of Tulsi.

Remedy to remove planetary obstruction

  • On every Tuesday or Saturday, for the prevention of the defects of planets like Saturn, Rahu-Ketu, with your hand, feed the dough of flour with jaggery to a Nandi or a cow. Whatever the planetary obstacle, it will be removed

Nightfall (Wet Dreams), Metal Related Problems
There are simple remedies for those who have problems related to dreams, metal related problems, after sunset, before it gets dark, there is only one star in the west – the star of Venus, it shines there. tell him this mantra
Hemkundamrunalabham daityanam paramam gurum |
Sarvashastrapravaktaram Bhargavam Pranamamayam ||
Shukrai Namah
If you are at home, then show the lamp too, otherwise only chant the mantra. There is a lot of benefit in the troubles of dreams, metal, Venus becomes strong in the body.

No cost. Any day can do. It’s better if you do it on Friday.

Those who have this problem believe that this is a bad habit and it is in me. If this habit is in you, then it is different from you. Know yourself to be a pure, Mercury soul. In this way you can avoid it. Have firm faith.