Todays Panchang 05/02/2023, Remedy for trouble-obstacle and Pitridosh

Vedic Panchang

🌤️ Date – 05 February 2023
🌤️ Day – Sunday
🌤️ Vikram Samvat – 2079
🌤️ Shak Samvat-1944
🌤️ Ion – Uttarayan
🌤️ Season – Shishir Rutu
🌤️ Month – Magh
🌤️ Paksha – Shukla
🌤️ Tithi – Full moon night till 11:58 then Pratipada
🌤️ Nakshatra – Pushya till 12:13 pm and then Ashlesha
🌤️ Yoga – Ayushman till 02:42 pm and then good luck
🌤️ Rahukaal – from 05:06 pm to 06:31 pm
🌞 Sunrise – 07:15
🌦️ Sunset – 18:29
👉 Dishashul – in the west direction
🚩 Vrat festival details – Maghi Purnima, Magh Snan ends, Ravi Pushyamrit Yoga (from sunrise to 12:13 noon)
🔥 Special – On the day of full moon and Sunday, cohabitation with women and eating and applying sesame oil is prohibited. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Brahma Khanda: 27.29-38)
Lentils, ginger and red colored greens should not be eaten on Sunday. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Shri Krishna Volume: 75.90)
💥 Food should not be eaten in a bronze vessel on Sunday. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Shri Krishna Volume: 75)
💥 According to Skanda Purana, Bilva tree should be worshiped on Sunday. By this the great sins like Brahmahatya etc. are also destroyed.

🌷 Remedy for trouble-obstacle and Pitridosh 🌷
🙏🏻 Chanting one rosary of the following Shiv-Gayatri Mantra anytime in the morning or evening while meditating on Sadguru or Ishta for a few days, Pitrudosh, troubles and obstacles go away and ancestors are also happy. When the ancestors are happy, they give happiness, prosperity, family growth and progress everywhere in the house.
👉🏻 Mantra
🌷 Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi | Tanno Rudra: Prachodayat ||
(Linga Purana, Answer Part: 48.7)

Many times happiness and prosperity do not come in the house due to Vastu defects. In that situation, work should be done on improving the Vastu of the house. For this, it would be better if you put a silver coin in your water tank and the water tank kept on the roof. This will remove Vastu defects related to water and money will come in.

🌷 Maghi Purnima 🌷
🙏🏻 (05 February, Sunday) is the full moon of Magh month. In religious texts, it has been called Maghi Purnima. On this full moon, there are rules to be restrained, take bath in the morning and fast, donate etc. At this time the immunity of the body is low. That’s why fasting at this time does not make the body diseased and positivity is achieved for the coming time.
🙏🏻 Worship Lord Vishnu after taking bath etc. on the morning of Maghi Purnima. Then after performing Shradh of ancestors, donate food, clothes, sesame seeds, blankets, cotton, jaggery, ghee, shoes, fruits, grains etc. to the disabled. Gold and silver are also donated on this day. Donating cows gives special results.
🙏🏻 Observe fast on this day by behaving with restraint. One should not speak too loudly or get angry on anyone on this day. Domestic trouble should be avoided. The poor and needy should be helped. Take special care that no one is insulted by you or through your mind, words or deeds. By fasting in this way with restraint, the fasting person gets virtuous fruits.